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VG Limits Rework - Thanks for this...

No seriously, thank you. Ever since the last VG update I've been so irritated and puzzled as to why we had a limit of 6 per day, but then only 3 for Dungeon/PVP/Generals per day. It made no sense, and forced people to play this game in ways they often didn't want to.

So I'm really glad to see that of all the changes in this game, this one got fixed. It's a small thing in the grand scheme of things, sure, but sometimes its the small things that make a huge difference. I really like being able to do a bunch of dungeon running in a day sometimes, getting VG credits for 8 dungeons and getting my daily cap doing so? That's awesome.

Dedicated PVPers I imagine like this too, now they can get all of their dailies done in the battlegrounds without having to do PVE tasks which some have come out to say they absolutely hate.

In all this is a very welcomed change that I'm pretty sure everyone was hoping for, and happy to see. It lets us play the game the way we like to, and that goes a long way towards overall player satisfaction. A good step in the right direction.


  • TheGreyWolfTheGreyWolf ✭✭✭
    I agree, this is one of the (very) few things about this patch that I like.
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