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Update - New Dungeons, PvP Changes

Happy Friday, everyone!

Noesis here. While I’m low on new cat pictures, I’ve got some news…

We’re releasing a new build Tuesday, January 10 following maintenance featuring a new dungeon (Broken Prison) as well as balance changes to Harrowhold. It also has another change that I want to address with everyone.

I want to inform you about a change that will impact our MT PvP players. Mount Tyrannas has traditionally made the Outlaw Skill available to all players starting from level 11. This allowed players to engage in PvP in open world zones from the moment they leave the tutorial area, once they purchase the skill.

With next week’s update (this coming Tuesday, January 10), Mount Tyrannas will be shifting to a PVP-65 ruleset, where only level 65 characters will be able to use and acquire the Outlaw Skill. If you are below level 65 and currently possess the skill, it will be unusable until you reach level 65. The skill will be automatically granted upon reaching level 65, like other skills you gain when leveling up.

We’re making this change in preparation for major game updates coming later this year—namely a complete retuning of leveling and progression, as well as the introduction of the new glaive-wielding class. We anticipate these updates will drive a large number of new players to the game. Eliminating the ability to be ganked by uber-geared high-level players will help to ensure a more positive experience with TERA for these new players, regardless of the server they choose to join, and make them more likely to stick around and become a lasting member of our community. Ultimately, this change should contribute to a larger and healthier player population in the long term.

For our existing players on Mount Tyrannas, this change may be unwelcome to some. We want you to understand the current PvP configuration on MT is unique to Western-published versions and not actively supported worldwide. This was problematic in the past for a number of reasons. New PvP-focused features aren’t developed with our configuration in mind. The team here at EME must also maintain what is an entirely unique server type, which introduces roadblocks that sometimes impact our ability to quickly deploy new builds. By making this change and bringing our server configuration more closely in line with that of the majority of TERA globally, we’re better positioned to integrate future PvP-focused features.

I’m sure you will have questions, and I’ll be monitoring this thread for a while to respond to those questions as I can. The Patch Notes for this version will be going up Monday.


  • hey can u make the gvg penalty .5% of the starting guild funds per hour
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    hmmmmmm... Still no game optimization. Hate it when I have a GTX 1080 and the game runs at a potato 30-20 FPS in raids or in large towns. But oh well whos counting anyway.
  • edited January 2017
    I personally don't like this PvP change on Mount Tyrannas. But, unfortunatelly, the open world pvp is kind of abandoned, even for level 65. So, this change will not make a significant difference on my gameplay. By the other side, as it was explained, this change will bring optimizations for the server and globally align its configuration. So, as the good changes will be greater than the simple fact of not being able to kill players (on open world) under level 65, I think this is a change that will bring good advantages, and so it will be welcome by me.

    By the way, nice stream (and nice cat photo haha) :+1:
  • well pvp is dead so its not like its changing anything. Still sitting here hoping for a new pvp content/patch
  • lets get those raids ready with lvl 64 healers like they are doing on ff already :awesome:
  • I guess it's an unfortunate requirement to line up with KTERA's build. But is there any news of the warrior revamp?
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    mudkip noob killing video is never gonna happen. TY BASED NOESIS :pleased:
  • FleettFleett ✭✭✭✭
    @Noesis Any info of when Warrior Revamp is coming?
  • Well unless this broken prison battleground is where you actually use your character and comes with removal of Kumas and Iron battleground you won't see a great improvement of the PvP scene.

    So I ask you @Noesis why have bluehole not done something constructive to improve the PvP situation such as optimisation, more battlegrounds where characters are used (not bams like kumas).

    I'd also like to add that while having Equalised gear does some good for most it's eliminated the need to gear up really. Guile does the job really.

    So what can we really expect other than less incentive to play?
  • does this mean you can unequalize fraywind and perhaps give a tournament
  • SuratuSuratu
    edited January 2017
    If people don't want to get PK'd, why don't they stay away from a PvP server? Or at the very least, why not have PvP disabled if you're more than 5 levels apart, like how Infamy is supposed to function? Fighting people around your level while questing is actually fun. This change is terrible.
  • Suratu wrote: »
    If people don't want to get PK'd, why don't they stay away from a PvP server? Or at the very least, why not have PvP disabled if you're more than 5 levels apart, like how Infamy is supposed to function? Fighting people around your level while questing is actually fun. This change is terrible.

    I honestly have to agree with this, I don't know about others but one of the more entertaining parts of leveling on a pvp server was being able to be pk'd / pk'ing people who are around your level. I admit getting destroyed by 65's was not fun but that is what extra channels are for. It is not hard to avoid lvl 65 pk'ers at all and if the 5 level apart cap was implemented (would suck for 65's wanting to mess with others) it would make it so you can only be pk'd by people around your level which would definitely make it a fair fight. I don't see why this is even a problem to be honest, just add a tutorial after stepstone isle is finished so that new players learn how to change their channels to avoid pk'ers.
  • Making MT pvp 65 only is honestly BS. As is on FF, where level 64 healers can go around and do whatever just cause they cant be killed, it's ruining the game more then making it better. Ether find a way to now allow anyone below level 64 to heal/rez others that are 65 or else you're going to have so many people actually leave MT because it isn't worth the hassle.
  • Man, I'm going to miss it. Sure, the unjustified ganking sucked and probably turned a lot of players away from the game. However, that feeling of omnipotence when you managed to control an entire zone during a blue box event or a mongo event is something I will never forget.

    RIP Classic MT 2012-2017
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    Making MT pvp65 is something I saw coming. It was only a matter of time before they catered to the carebears.

    RIP MT

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