Will we ever get leaderboards back?

They've been gone a while now, and from a PvP standpoint, leaderboards were a good way for others to see who there is that's higher than them and who there is to beat, giving some sort of incentive to q for PvP. Now they're gone, which has made whatever's left of the PvP community even smaller. As you said in your recent post about the "PvP changes" coming this week,
Noesis wrote: »
By making this change and bringing our server configuration more closely in line with that of the majority of TERA globally, we’re better positioned to integrate future PvP-focused features.

will this mean you can start bringing incentives to PvP back aswell? And not just say "we're gonna try to change XYZ" then never address/mention it again.


  • Agree. I used to play 3's just for the bragging rights of top 10/top 5 and #1... q all day cause everyone wanted their name in lights. It's true that all of us pvpers are obviously competitive and now we have nothing much to compete for.
  • The last thing I remember about leaderboards was feeding at nighttime and other weird means just to lead the board...
  • They will bring back, cause they have to make some updates so u think they work hard
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