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  • Kuma's really isn't THAT big of a deal. I don't know why everyone fusses about it.
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    Kuma's really isn't THAT big of a deal. I don't know why everyone fusses about it.

    One man's trash is another mans treasure. It doesn't HAVE to be a big deal for you. What about those that it IS a big deal for? Are they 'non-factors'?

    Maybe they want fast leveling and the ability to grind a pair of PvP boots and gloves faster. Is it okay if people do that for those that want to try to convince them that their playstyle isn't really THAT big of a deal?

    I don't know why they would even need those folks permission, lol.

    Let's see - all the things that are not really THAT big of a deal in this allegedly diverse game:

    1. Questing
    2. Skilling
    3. and now it seems, PvP is joining that list. Even when it comes to the more player friendly BG environment.

    I guess that only leaves socializing and dungeon diving, huh?

    Oh wait! I should say dungeon grinding cause the only thing that gears are good for is the release of a new dungeon to grind. For many of us, a game whose focus is THAT limited boils down to hamster-wheel activity.

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    C7HCXT367W wrote: »
    I am 1 hour 45 minutes to play kumas, I am 65 lvl .... wrong!

    Yep, the suggestion of making a lower level toon to grind Kumas with has proven to be fail. Which is why it would be a good player friendly idea to end this silly segregation. Both low level and high level is equally slow to queue.

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