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[KTERA] - Dragons Vigor Weapon Skins Preview

Lancer one is pretty cool. Reaper one is cool too. Not sure when coming to NA but probably after march since Glaive is out in this video.

Gunner @ 00:12

Brawler @ 00:48

Ninja @ 1:38

Glaive @ 1:59

Priest @ 2:34

Sorcerer @ 3:04

Archer @ 3:44

Warrior @ 3:53

Reaper @ 4:20

Beserker @ 5:00

Mystic @ 5:35

Slayer @ 5:50

Lancer @ 6:12


  • Nah, just weapon skins. Suprised some of them really don't even look that good. Ah well. :/
  • Nice I was looking for a more detailed preview of this, thx~
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    I was kinda expecting that there are more girls and suddenly, lots of popori characters lmao.
  • If only the programmers at BHS worked as fast as the guys doing models and textures for all the new weapon skins they keep adding.
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