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What is the best way to get these items?

There are a few items I'm looking for since the patch and since things got changed there are older items I am unsure about to, a lot of people are gonna be coming to me to find this stuff out and I am still not 100% done figuring it out either.

Where is the best way to get Colluva ore? I got a few from the monster arena, but that's at best 2 per day. Strongboxes have given out the most to me and the only other one I got was from DFNM which again only a single one drops, you need roughly 800 of these, maybe 700 thanks to crits, so finding the best way to farm them is a pretty big deal.

What about the new Goddess's Powder or whatever for the brooch, apparently you need 100 of one item to combine into another? And IIRc you need to do it 3 times? I've seen thatmid teir shade tokens have 1 powder for 120 tokens, but that's 12,000 tokens for just one of these things and if it actually needs three per brooch that's 36,000. Surely there is another way to get these? Maybe my info is wrong? Any information?

The new Tyrants Tokens, you can't combine Desolarus Tokens to get them which I find really dumb since it makes Desolarus tokens nearly useless, these new tokens are super important and they seem so rare compared to how Desolarus Tokens were during the Dreadnaught patch (last patches I guess) If anyone has a good way to get these up especially if any of your methods are possible for low ilvl players. I'm really hope Dreadnaught Token shop is bugged or just delayed the exchange.

Adding to that, some Starfall materials no longer appear in instance matching, Where do you get Dreadnaught Spars and Dread Ore aside from BG merchant?

Lastly new brooch design, I heard it drops from a 409 dungeon, I'm assuming and hoping it's Wonderholme but does anyone know all possible locations for this? Or any places it drops?


  • kedroskedros ✭✭
    If you need colluva ore NOW, best way is trhough sea chests. ive opened a bunch yesterday and i reguraly got stacks between 3 and 15 ores. i ended up with about 100 after 50 chests.

    goddess tear (which you need 300 from for new brooch) drops in the new dungeons, but you need to roll against others :/ ive gotten them from celestial arena (scored 64k) but idk if it is random gifts or not, since ive never gotten 2x the same rewards up till now. normally you can buy them with shadetop tokens, but that would be some serious grind...

    dread tokens are like intented. it was never supposed to 'level up' to tyrant. most players would have traded them for whatever before the patch. there's nothing else to do than doing the new dungeons to get them. (havent checked older dungeons, so maybe those do drop tyrant tokens now too)

    if you're looking for old VM mats, just check the IMS board. superior drops like VM mats are always listed there.

    Design drop was listed on one of the patch notes from EME. i believe it should drop in SSNM, WH, ABHM (and probably later too in DFHM and SSHM, but those werent on the notes yet since they dont come out untill next maintenance). Most likely they drop on last boss, but rarely. like ancient wish rarely...
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