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Remove trash bgs?

Iron and Kuma pls remove it?


  • One man's trash is another man's treasure. While I may agree with you on Kumas battle, I would be super pissed if they took away the tank battle.
  • Or you could, you know, not play them?
  • I don't like them and I've beaten the dead horse until I'm bloody and my knuckles are broken.

    Sorry mate. But unless it's stupid or cute nothing happens. Iron and kumas is here until bluehole pulls the plug. Which we can only hope is sooner rather than later.

    Saying that though the only cure for the other bgs is boosting rewards. I'd like to talk to Noesis about it. But we'll see.
  • Kuma seems pointless :/
    edited January 2017
    Its as pointless as any BG in the game. Its an intro to PvP for new players. Who would expect a seasoned player to bother with it - pro or con?

    If someone wants to kill it, maybe they have some sick reason not to want to see PvP players replenished? Idk...

    I do know that most (not all) people finish school, grow up, and stop gaming altogether eventually. There needs to be stepping stones for those that might follow into PvP, or anyone can expect PvP in this game to die.

    I agree with HT65 and Magichan - If you don't like it, don't do it. Simple.

    It will die a natural death without anyone helping to kill it, if no one wants to do it. Leaving it alone could help keep some players playing Tera.
  • Kumas is the BG that opens the most? It's super popular among lvl20-64 because of the XP gain.

    Besides that, I personally believe that it's the simplest form of PvP and is some kind of PvP training. You always have the same simple skills, 2 evasions. You could learn movement, battle distance and timing.
  • His mad, you don't notice?
  • PamcakePamcake ✭✭✭
    Kumas is 'interesting' first you go in, then it becomes painful. New BG's would be welcomed. Maybe couple of them without great equalization for elitists.
  • Kuma is not even real pvp, its Monsters VS Monsters. No real skill needed, a moron can do well in it.
  • AyiAyi ✭✭✭
    Remove Kumas and Iron Tank (I don't even know this stupid BG's name).
  • I actually thought old kuma where player vs kuma was fun. Only as player though.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    Iron and Kuma pls remove it?

    ye remove tera B)
  • remove content just because i don't like... logic...

    as long as the content is non-intrusive you have no right to open your mouth...
  • DeMiMaSK wrote: »
    Kuma is not even real pvp, its Monsters VS Monsters. No real skill needed, a moron can do well in it.
    If you think so, you've never played kumas royale. A single skilled player can completely turn the tide, may it be as boss or baby DPS. I've seen people making up to 700k damage, means they singlehanded killed "one enemy boss alone". I've seen kuma mamas who simply outrun the whole enemy team and lead their weak DPS to victory.

    Check your definition of PvP, this BG surely is not PvE vs. PvE. There are real players steering the monsters. We have not a single NPC mercenary in here like in BDO.

    Of course I agree to the common consensus. Kumas Royale is a puny BG. The original Kumasylum was great in my opinion. You played your original character and fought player-steered overpowered kumas. The transport of the diamond to the dock was a great team play and super exciting. Strategists could turn the whole game by placing secondary carriers and sacrificing diamonds. By alternating advancing diamonds from safe spot to safe spot, even a weak team could win with the right strategy.

    The problem was the balancing. Kumasylum was never really balanced. With new classes, new skills, new levels - it was constantly changing. People were frustrated over that and in the end, BHS made this wimpy kumas royale. Now, no one is crying about one team being overpowered. but is kumas royale that fun? There's no tacics in this, no team play, nothing. Everyone is contributing his damage and that's it. Practically, we're playing kumas royale alongside, but not together.

    All in all, kumas royale is a very good BG for beginners. And that's what it actually is used for.
  • @SaphirKanzaki
    Can't believe you took that comment literally.
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