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Too many toxic people in pvp battlegrounds

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Whats up with people needing to kick others for no reason in CS? (unless they are offline ofc) and when we lose a round why do people get so trashy like many are trying to learn what's even happening at least be patient and help others instead of spamming notice with trash talk. Maybe that's why pvp is dying what if many are leaving because they don't Want to deal with those kind of people yet those same exact toxic people ask why pvp is dead. [filtered] the rewards pvp is fun asf!!! Sea chest is good enough xD but please no more rudeness to others that are learning especially if the learner just so happen is the leader. Once we have bad people we get a bad environment and once we have a bad environment we lose good people and then get bad queues and battlegrounds.


  • You no that Tera pvp has always been toxic, it's never not been toxic and it never will be. But every pvp community in any MMORPG that iv'e played has been toxic, because pvp draws that kind of behavior, Tera pvp has never been about teaching other's or letting other's learn, it has always been that the strong don't have patience/tolerance/time for other player's that they per-sieve to be weak or not good enough to bother with especially when 15+ arrived. Also the GM's in this game have never tried to correct that [email protected]&# and never will, and even when pvp in Tera was great it was still toxic as [email protected]#% tbh.
  • I guess what I could do best is to be positive whenever there are negatives.
  • Kennin303Kennin303 ✭✭
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    That's why it's nearly impossible to get good ppl to deal with pvp unless they have a severe thick skin because it's just not worth the aggravation you have to deal with.
  • Don't let it get you down man, we were all new to Corsair at once. But I agree, it's just a toxic mess in general. You make a single mistake and you're definitely going to hear about it in the rudest of ways, the block button is god send in this game. Just do your best, play your role, and don't listen to the rude idiots. And when all is said and done, you can queue up an infinite amount of times in CS, you'll learn as you get more victories under your belt. And remember, no inners no winners.
  • It's like PvP in any game. Toxic but some people just have shorter tempera than a hobbits Ahem..

    Anyway. Don't let it get you down. They're either trolling or just salty. Learn as you go and just keep at it.

    Like I once heard. You'll bang your head on the wall repeatedly when doing PvP , just keep going.
  • Because they themselves are weak minded.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    The funniest thing about it is that the whiners tend to also be the ones who aren't that good.

    Very rarely you get an experienced (when I mean experienced I mean multiple alts of above 1.3k rating) group trashtalking, because they can singlehandedly carry the entire group of boosted people. Most of the complainers are really just "metasheep" going with the most basic of strategies with no thought process on how the strategy works and why it works to begin with.

    CS is not an easy battleground despite me always saying so, because you need to know the map very well. Most CS players now don't even have the black horse reward mount to prove that fact, although you don't really need 500 wins to fully understand the map. CS only feels like a zergfest now because most people are clueless on the map macros and actual pvp skill.

    The worst toxicity from PvP come from PvE players tbh so don't think too much about their salt.
  • @aeee98 Idk if this seems too much but I want to be able to try to lead a victory, do you think you could help me teach strategies to winning a CS bad team or not? I want to be able to make CS better. Sadly I can't stop the people from kicking others that aren't doing anything wrong and I can't stop them from blaming the leader for their losses but if I was ever a leader I'd like to at least give good strategies
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    TTD5AWMNM5 wrote: »
    @aeee98 Idk if this seems too much but I want to be able to try to lead a victory, do you think you could help me teach strategies to winning a CS bad team or not? I want to be able to make CS better. Sadly I can't stop the people from kicking others that aren't doing anything wrong and I can't stop them from blaming the leader for their losses but if I was ever a leader I'd like to at least give good strategies

    There are limitations to how much a single person can carry, but it is possible to steer an equally skilled team as a leader (in both classes and whatnot) by understanding how the map works.

    Memorise the time needed to travel to each point especially in offense, get a good estimation of how many people are defending etc. It takes a while but it is very obvious sometimes: If there are about 12 people pvping outside there is only 8 people in mid and inner, so ninjaing from the other side or via ship is very possible and you know if enemies can get to you in time to defend outer ladders. Very rarely you get very experienced opponents telegraphing where the next attack will happen (when that happens no one can really help your team XD).

    Most raids I see in CS even in the past lose because they don't have map awareness. Minusing PvP guild premade opponents in which teams usually just lose by pure PvP skill, most losses come from teams (not just leaders) not reading into strategies well. Such as the 1 gate- 19 ladder strat which when pulled off destroys any amateur leader/team.

    Last important step is knowing when you need to scan and when you actually don't need to scan. Defence is easy nowadays. Assuming gate breaks you only need to scan if you can wipe the enemy team at inner gate/mid, usually to check for incoming ships. If you need to scan to find out that mid is being targetted, your team isn't doing enough to give you enough information as a leader. Offense scanning is usually pointless in a team that can break gate, because you can see ladders and mid by being close enough.

    It is also good to know names and their usual strats. I will have to admit it is alot harder now compared to the past due to how rarely CS pops, but back then you can basically expect strats just based on the leader's name (that's why playing many games helps alot). I personally go for straight burns or 18 burn 2 ladder to mid distraction strats.

    As for times where you are not leading, you have not much power to steer the game into your victory if your leader can't do much, but call out as many things as possible. If you are on the ladders don't ever shout "ladders" but should "rl / ll/ both inner ladders" because people always end up defending the wrong ladder, causing that break in communication needed to even stop the possible leak.

    For defensive side, you either go to where most enemies are and group pvp, or attempt control of their pyre. Using too much effort to seize pyre usually is inefficient and unless the enemy is extremely bad, they will be able to keep their momentum by keeping the pressure on inner gate and still have very good timings.

    For offensive side if you are taking the outer tank, with proper practice you can kill/force mid turrets out of the way by launching cannons right at them as you move in. This alone can save the entire team from being KDed to death.

    Above are strategies off my head because I don't really know how bad the teams can be nowadays. Like I only went into CS less than 10 times after ninja patch and aside from 1 all were landslide wins where my team just out beat them by PvP. But I can only say that I have one character with 500 CS wins achievement during crusade times and I hit 1.3k rating before (which while considered high rating in pve servers is just garbage in MT but I can only do so much with 270ms ping lol).
  • Thanks I'll try my best!! And CS nowadays it's harder to win than lose, the team usually doesn't listen to the leader and when they lose a round they yell at the leader and try kicking the leader out
  • (PvE Elitist players pretending to be PvPers) their are the most toxic players ever which u can find in BG's they think they are as good at pvp as they are at pve and that is completely wrong... and then if you correct em?! mmmmm you have to heard em how toxic they are.... u've to deal with it cu... sorry.
  • KiraboshiKiraboshi ✭✭✭
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    There are a ton of misconceptions about CS that bad players tend to have that causes them to rage and complain about nonexistent problems when losing. There are a lot of complaints, but there are two specific type of complaints that tend to exclusively come from bads:

    1. "STOP PVPing!!!!". Reality: PvP is only an ineffective way of winning CS if you are bad at it, so bad players tend to have this belief that you shouldn't PvP at all. Truth is you need to be constantly PvPing on defense, and you need at least a portion of your players during attack to PvP and counter-peel them back or else any competent team will just wipe you at gate. CS games are generally won by either A: having better PvPers on your team so you can brute force your way in through gates or B: the other team [filtered] up inners and let ninjas in. There are rare occasions where a team with better PvPers just outright ignores the objective, but most of the time this happens it's because they are worse at PvP and are getting dunked on whenever they try.

    2. "OMG NOOB LEAD!!!!". Reality: There is actually very little the lead can do to make you lose or win. Lead is mostly just there to form a consensus strategy during attack, and to scan for ninjas during defend. Most of the time you are losing it is because the team is full of bads who have absolutely no idea how to PvP or why they are getting rekt. No amount of being a good or bad lead can change the fact that Team Velika Outskirts has twice as many people who know what they are doing than Team BRBR HUEHUHEUHEU. You can only carry so much.

    Anybody who whines about either of the above is generally clueless and would probably get schooled by an MT velika outskirts duelist wearing victors gear ( I'm not exaggerating, I once tracked down a player who was [filtered] about PvP and PKed him with a +9 fraywind weapon. He had full +15 generation gear. ). Laugh at them, then ignore them.

  • The reason why people are toxic is because they generally are ignorant socialist jerks.
  • @RimbaldiOfTera you make a good point
  • Kiraboshi wrote: »
    ( I'm not exaggerating, I once tracked down a player who was [filtered] about PvP and PKed him with a +9 fraywind weapon. He had full +15 generation gear. ).
    yeah well play a real class next time?!
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