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##Swap our main to the new class (Lunar Dancer?)

I just wonder how many people will left his main and will start to play when the new class release, dunno if you are agree with me but gonna be chaos. just saying kek...


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    It does happen every time, but the hype for this one seems higher than the previous new classes, but at the same time, ninja patch broke the game for a while so we will just have to sit back and watch as 80% of the world goes from a geared 65 to leveling a new class xD

    Edit: Though one down side of Lunar (Or whatever they will name it) is that the super flashy AOE attacks will drop our frames a bit when they are used.
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    When I call one of my char my main,I never change my mind. No matter how great new class is, I can try and even gear a new char pretty well but my main is always my main. That's why u call him/her main and others alts. Especially when it comes to pvp, u need to spend a lot time to master one class, and playing others classes, in my opinion, is to prepare myself when I face that class on my main.
  • I am with you there, granted in the 5? years that I have played, I have switched main once, but when I find a class that calls to me, I stick with it. I do have other characters that I sometimes play to change things up, but once you find a class that fits, it's nice to master it.
  • I've only switched mains once in all honesty. I went from Zerk/ Warrior to Brawler.

    So in all honesty I'm not that hyped for Lunar Dancer. Infact my secondary main will be a slayer.
  • I didn't abandon Mystic when it was terrible and I was rejected for the mere fact that I was not a Priest. Why would I switch to the next flavour of the month spectacle?
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