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Error 201 all the time?

I created already one time this theme but it got deleted. I admit i may be posted it in wrong place.(bug report)

Anyone from Technical support who has knowledge about payment system in here can tell me where is the core of trouble and how to fix it?

Before the 31.01.17 all payments on EMP went just fine. Then at 31.01 i thought i will buy the elite status.
After the maintance at 31 i get only 201 error.
frist i payed from card#1 and got 201 error i checked detailes probably i did mistake. No i didnt. retyped all and no again 201 error.
Okey i tried to pay from card#2 - error 201.
Then i found card#3 anf payed from there and no again error 201.
My country in supported countries!.

At some moment my 2 card worked and could buy EMP to get elite status (which is expansive this way) And then it was again all the same!

I Called to banks and both of them said the same.
1 - we sent them money and they are in pending atm. they are already approved and sent there but en masse doesnt want to take it for some reasons.
2 - we sent them money but they returned back. we cant do anything. it look like complete wall somewhere at their side.

I really thought i ill buy every month this Elite Status. But there is no actually way to do it. Someone who works in this sphere in EN Masse can explain me why this happened and how to fix this? More than one week passed really.
ALso i sure can say that THREE cards cannot be wrong in details. Two different banks say the same and two of them cannot have troubles at the same moment with the same game.

p/s i tried to delete all information/cookies. This not working.
i also contacted to en masse support and noone can explain me what is this and why this happens. But the reason obvoiusly must be and it can be solved.



  • btw two cards admit one mistake in name surname. SO it cant be really the reason as "wrong details". And im nto so blind to types 2 or more mistakes in my own name and surname
  • From what you are describing, this sounds like an AVS system error (Address Verification System).

    The way AVS works is that the charge may well be approved, but it will come back to the payment process with additional information saying whether the address matched or not. At that point, even though the charge may have otherwise been approved, the payment processor can decide to cancel the transaction and not take the risk. From your bank's point of view, they will see this as "the charge was approved but they just didn't take the money" (or it may be voided/returned) because they don't look into the details of whether the address matched or not.

    Incidentally, the validation of the CVV2 code on the card is also similar. Merchants are encouraged (but not required) to decline transactions when either the address or CVV2 code do no match. Because of the amount of fraud in online MMOs, publishers are usually very aggressive in their credit card validation.

    I should also say that it's possible that they might have a system that will cause failures if you try too many cards in rapid succession, also as a sort of anti-fraud measure. This may also explain why your subsequent cards were declined with the same error.

    So anyway... first thing's first, I would just verify your address and the CVV2 code on the card. Make sure the address is entered with the street number first. Check the postal code. And I do think that EME Support *should* be able to get more details on the cause of the 201 error, but they may not be inclined to do so on the first request, so you may need to follow-up on your ticket again.
  • Thanks for response!
    I think i must contact them again and ask what exactly see as reason there...if they will tell me.
    I really checked all CVV codes. And adress that i typed in i always do in the same way. ANd here (on en masse site) i also did and it worked.
    Its like after maintance at 31 all changed))))

    It seems that the most possible reason is anti abuse system or how to call it stopps and here only one question can be - its forever or not?

    i have no issues speaking with support here and all times i did i was satisfied. Probably my words here sounds too rough and here i must say im sorry: Im not english speaking person and even have nothing close to english in my native language. Its hard to write always so everyone would feel good reading it :)
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