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Favorite Quotes from TERA?

As the title says, do you guys have any quotes you like that have been said by NPC´s or Creatures in Arborea? Then post them here, I would love to see lots of what TERA has to offer.

For me, some of them are:

"Ragh! We were meant to rule the skies! Not... die in the dirt..." - Vergos.

"Welcome, outlander, to Highwatch, the Birthplace of Knowledge." - Baraka Guard.

"Except fish... I do love fish." - NPC in Colossal Ruins.

"The federation is our future, and we do what we must to protect our future. Don't you agree?" - Elleon at Cultists Refuge

" We'll rendezvous outside of town at the appointed time. Bring two shovels. And paint remover." - Elleon at Castanica

"Look at this beautiful city. Look at these people. It's for them that we perform our sworn duties. The federation is most remarkable." - Elleon at Velika

"The Valkyon Federation is not perfect. It faces constant challenges, but overcoming such obstacles is how the federation gains strength." - Elleon at Velika.

"The Desert Jewel. Though duty has given me the chance to see the world as few ever will, Allemantheia still evokes something within like no other place. Our future might well be forged here." - Elleon at Allemantheia

"You've got guts, soldier—I'll give you that. Think big picture, though. Do you really think you can take me down?" - Samael at his residence.

"Kanstria lies to the south. I grew up there, but it doesn't feel like home any longer. Nowhere does, not really." Hasmina at Argonea


  • "I scream, you scream, we all scream - - for power!" - Amani NPC near Valselok Shrine in the Valley of Titans
  • " two from poori walked into a bar " occasional npc's that used to say that.
    " you get what you pay for " " " "
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    my zozo

    Body is 3 characters too short.
  • ViennoiserieViennoiserie ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Here are some of mine:

  • Some I can remember/read from old quest dialogs:

    "... Can you hear that? History waits breathlessly to see what comes next!". - Barlyas (Elleon in disguise).

    "Of course I'm alone. When you look this good even the argons show you respect. Or they simply didn't spot me". - Kadas.

    "Kanstria offers anything you could possibly desire. Except for food, trade goods, a red light district - actually, we have that last one". - Celtan
  • Manaya "i haven't walked the earth in centuries, such primitive as i remember" I think is correct XD cant remember well.
  • The old teleporting Elins did sometimes say "You look like you could wrestle a Basilisk". I found that very offensive as a female High Elf.

    There are very few female NPCs with a seductive voice "Come closer, I don't bite". One of them is a female chef in a small camp south of Cutthroat Harbor. It's worth traveling there and hear it for once.

  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭

    death on toast
  • LuhzLuhz ✭✭✭
    the high elf female npcs that say "Manners are what matters."
  • xvctxvct ✭✭✭
    "I'll rip you apart!" - Daddy Dak

    [Moaning] - Mommy Lili
  • *Just cause we cant Trust them Doesn't mean we cant learn from them!* Some castanic talking about the Elfs in allementheia
  • All of Elleon's quotes tbh. But also

  • PoppyTheStoutPoppyTheStout ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Castanica the Tavern on Pleasure Street

    NPC XADIA [Tavern Owner]

    When Kysharia asks you il you're lonely, she isn't
    just making conversation, you know.

    NPC Kysharia [Tavern Waitress]
    You look thirsty, soldier. Or are you lonely?

    I can fix that.

    NPV LORCIA [Dancer]
    You know what true beamy is? Come back in
    hour, and I'll show you!

    Also listen to Kysharia or Lorcia to their sultry comments :)

    I don't remember which Baraka said this, Good friends are like a book. lets turn the page together
  • Another one from Castanica

    NPC Isolda [Aide]

    Castantca...the Shrouded Rose. Mind your wallet,
    mind your zipper, and mind your mouth.
  • 1) "Your face is strange... Is it always like that?" - random NPC Elins.
    Me: "Excuse me, what did you just say?" D:< Seriously... this gets me going sometimes. xD
    2) "Looks like someone played a trick on you." - random popori. Makes my friend angry hahaha
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