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Superior noctenium thingies

So with the warrior update we got a new noctenium item that acts like a potion. It gives us more damage in exchange for a bit extra nocts than a class would use over the span of 10 minutes (unless you play warrior or sorc or some other class that burns nocts) However, for pretty much any other class its not really worth it to make these because the damage increase is so small.

Now what i would like, is for EME to release the rare and superior versions that are already coded in to the game. EU has them, and friends of mine has been sniffing around in the new files of this patch and found the rare and superior versions code, with tooltip. its just a matter for EME to add these in to the game.


  • EndevaEndeva ✭✭✭✭✭
    En Masse doesn't give, it removes and charges you for it!
  • WOW, you actually expect EME to release all patch fixes and code?? Are you mad to put them to work?
    EME's job is to ruin all the patches they get like the broken guild skills and VM mat. drop rates.
    Asking them to work for the good of the game instead of monkeying around on steams will not help.
    Not sure when they "think" will be the right time to release it.
  • If you dont have anything constructive to add to this thread then you can feel free to not post in here at all. I dont care about for your passive aggressive (not even passive at this point) attitude towards EME. Simply asking them if they can add the other two variants of the noctenium consumable
  • The so called bravery problem that people have been complaining so much about has always had the same solution as the one we got now, which was to add a new version of the potion to the game on top of the ones we already have. But seeing as you tried to bring that up as an argument to not add in the other two variants of the noctenium potions then im just going to assume you have no idea how stuff like that works in this game.

    Adding the noctenium pots is just a flick of a button, because the item is already coded in to the game. They just need to add in a way to aquire them. The bravery potions was not. They were coded in to the game with the latest patch, and they have to actually swap out stuff and replace our current bravery potions from their sources, and trade them in with the new ones, add in tooltips etc etc. Its more work. The noctenium pots is not
  • ............ lest P2w Forge p2w stuff

    you dont need them, you know this?
  • EU prices for the refiner:
    uncommon: 300 VG Credits | Need 400 Noctenium
    rare: 500 VG Credits | Need 600 Noctenium
    superior: 700 VG Credits | Need 800 Noctenium
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