There is actual Owpvp on this game still.

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I've mained on Mt for 4 years mostly in Owpvp/GvG guilds, if you want OWPVP come to fey forest. Everyone on Mt has converted to pve players because they follow the trends of Ktera to the T. They have completely given up on PvP. The only reason I play this game is PvP and I know its like that for a lot of players. I follow the PvP.

Since coming back to the game 2 weeks ago i've logged on Mt and Fey daily. Fey forest has more "GvGs", more people in VO dueling, and more overall outlaw action (multiple 20+man raids). The people on fey aren't as elitest or skilled as the best MT players, but they're good enough to have good fights. They are also not all BiS geared, so if you transfer an alt in conflate you're basically as geared as everyone.This means you can jump right into the PvP.

There are 2 large guilds right now that constantly PvP each other ALL DAY I've joined both and seen a gvg score of like 700-500. ACTIVE PVP. I'd love to see a third or forth large active guild. It's what I hoped for when the servers merged but there was 1 mega guild at the start. If you want openworld pvp come to fey forest (with some friends preferably) and make a good guild or join one of the active ones.

Some SS of daily pvp (random Owpvp pics)



  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    tfw the same 20-40 people hanging out in FF VO is called "active owpvp" :confused:

    PvP is dead fam, get over it.
  • I like ppl like you
  • Wonder what would happen if they made open world pvp at highwatch
  • omg
    then i would haveeven less fps in HW XD
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    Koikoi wrote: »
    tfw the same 20-40 people hanging out in FF VO is called "active owpvp" :confused:

    PvP is dead fam, get over it.

    It's as active as I've seen in about more than half a year on any server. The sparks are flying like crazy it just needs a little more to be able to stand on it's own. 40 plus man raids (not 20-40) fighting each other multiple times not just one and done fights like Mt's babies.

    Legit another 1 or 2 20 man competitive guilds could turn it into something that saves Owpvp and it would be amazing if people gave it another chance. it's pretty fun as long as the drama stays relatively low. I've gotten an old friend to come back to the game he used to be an old gm of a guild that controlled one of the merged servers. People love and miss tera's owpvp content they should make free transfers to the new server again see what happens.
  • When the battle ground system alone is failing do to dumb changes, how can you say any pvp supported system is working? Until they do some big changes or change it back to normal, pvp is pretty dead.
  • xoBarbxoBarb ✭✭✭

    FF OW pvp isnt alive its just salt
  • haha hey!!
  • @xoBarb which is why I went to MT even though it's dead in pvp FF is very ignorant and rude people in the outskirts.
  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    Iv logged into FF and been in VO the last 3 nights.

    example last night
    there was 2 parties not raids of people fighting.

    previous night there was 2 small raids consisting of randoms thrown together.

    the fights last about 1 minute til one runs back into the safe zone.

    I'm sorry but if you think that is "alive owpvp" you have not been in Tera long.
  • xoBarbxoBarb ✭✭✭
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    servers almost as much of a joke as the players transfering here from MT
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    @xoBarb Bruh it seems like you just naturally get [filtered] started with others.
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    @Koikoi Do you like not like owpvp or tera pvp in general? The people who continue to say "it's dead" keep it dead. All the signs of an active owpvp setting are there.

    Rivalry, numbers, low gear requirement to participate, @xoBarb 's troll drama posts.

    Were you not around for when tera was an active drama filled sh*t-hole of people who enjoyed pvp. Cause it was most active then and with another 1-2 big guilds I can see it happening on fey on a smaller scale.

    Most people on Fey are not focused on being the very best pve player that no one ever was. Being a new server makes it have no tradition, no identity you can make "PvP" popular and the other players will flock to it.
  • Hmm he may have a point here. Maybe instead of bashing him check into multiple things just b/c its not a full raid in vo doesnt mean its not happening elsewhere. especially if its gvg.
  • manifest, or any other strong mt guild, i hope you guys can come to fey forest to prove your dominance throughout the entire server,

    come over to fey forest manifest, make pvp alive again. the CU here is at least more exciting than MT, with the last CU having no winner with 2 tower standing.

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