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[AV] Sketch Commissions [OPEN]

Commission add ons
Small experimental chibi animations (eye blinking, lips moving, etc) $2-$5 or 10k
Simple bgs for 15k
Elite voucher
Ambush mats
+15 enchantment scroll
If you have these items that I am interested in, we can work things out and see what I'm able to draw for you. Since these payment options are quite big, I am willing to add extra quality and suggestions to your commission with the best of my ability!
If you have something else you want to offer to me that's not listed, dm/comment me and we can discuss about it.
All races and classes are okay! However, I'm more comfortable and better on drawing females.
If there is something about your commission that I may have difficulty drawing with, I may decline or if you really want me to do your commission, I will make adjustments/simplify whatever is needed for me to accomplish it.
If you're interested, feel free to comment/PM me!
Email also available:
Twitter | DeviantArt |
Money Commission slots [0/5]
Gold Commission slots [2/5]
1. Allize x 4 chibis | PAID
2. Whist x 2 full bodies | PAID
Finished List
1.Elmacanon - Chibi
2. Elmacanon - Paid - Waist up
3 a122112122122112 - Chibi
4. Frostea - Chibi
5. a122112122122112 - Chibi
Art Gallery (Other things I have drawn so feel free to take a look! ^ ^
Feel free to ask any questions about my commissions! Thank you for looking through my thread.


  • Bump!~ Added extra options for payment! Commissions are still opened o v o
  • Hi! Very cute art! I'll send you a PM.
  • Allize wrote: »
    Hi! Very cute art! I'll send you a PM.

    Thank you very much! ^ 0 ^ I'm very glad that you're interested so thank you again!
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