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TERA Mongo: Catalyst Has Arrived!



  • Spacecats wrote: »

    TERA Mongo: Catalyst has arrived, bringing even more ways to hunt down precious rainbow-flavored components to spend at Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack!

    See the full announcement here:

    I'm having an issue in game when I click to use the Catalyst I get the message "You can't use this right now. Please try again later" I've tried relogging and closing the game, but I'm still getting the message on any Catalyst I get.
  • mewsumewsu ✭✭✭
    so uh, did the mongos get lost today?
  • Im also annoyed With the fact that the boss spawns for the mongos is like 3 am my time, i Know moste ppl Will just say to stop complaining and say " its NA" server. But Our NA server is more INTERNATIONAL than any other tera servers. But it would be cool if they did them twice a day kinda like BG power hour, so more ppl get a chance. Cause if u have job/school etc there is no way u can stay up to 3-4 am everyday just to be able to get a chance for some good kyras <.<
  • Sobbie wrote: »
    LesbianVi wrote: »
    Sobbie wrote: »
    Vasy86le wrote: »
    Bad news for me, im from Europe and i can`t participate at this hours.. i moved here 2 years ago, i participate at kyra event with blue boxes, one of the best events on tera, good reward, 24/7 etc, all was happy , now, only NA players can participate, good job.

    hello, this is na, why would they care LUL

    because customer is customer from anywhere in the world, if you don't get how new world works, go back in time and live in cave, your own cave.

    The thing is that NA Tera shouldn't have EU Costumers as you know, legally they shouldn't do anything with their playerbase.

    Be grateful that you're playing in here, if you decide to spend money, that's your thing. Na should cater to Na players, if you disagree, you can play in EU. I'm also from EU, but I don't mind if they do make an event for Na Timezone, because you know, it's Na after all.

    Yes we all know this is NA but we all know this is an INTERNATIONAL server there is not "only" NA ppl, everyone is on this server. So they need to fix it to what it actually is.... International. Be fair all around.
  • I hope will have maintenance and they add another time window, i think after rally bam is ok 2-3 hours of mongo hunt.
  • Broken event
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Spacecats can you give us an announcement about level up? is it intentional or is will be fixed?
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