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TERA Mongo: Catalyst Feedback



  • MidokuPastaMidokuPasta ✭✭✭✭
    Curious, were the crystal loot box's an accident? I do these legends to try to get catalysts and the box's that gave catalysts were awesome, but tonight was heart breaking. People Soloing the legendary. The way 2.22 ran was perfect based on the number of hits. Is it possible if we don't open the crystal box's to get them replaced with the catalyst box's?
  • this event tonight was horrible. the legendaries dropped like flies and the rewards were nerfed.
  • MidokuPastaMidokuPasta ✭✭✭✭
    @Spacecats Can you confirm if the Crystal box's were intentional or accidental and if accidental if we did not open them can we get them replaced?
  • Horrible event today, so dissapointed with those crystals boxes...
  • Today's feedback: the good, thanks for changing the drops for the small mongo. No more motes, awesome!

    The bad: 3 hours wait for the bosses, who died within ten seconds of being attacked, and some people actually monopolized the spawns, meaning most of the server didn't even get half the rewards. Then we get crystal boxes instead of catalyst boxes? Why? Not even counting the lag, worse than before.

    What happened to having the bosses die based on hits instead of HP? That was such a great idea, and gave a chance for everyone to do something.
  • Waiting so many hours to see them die in front of me, unable to hit it.

    So frustrating.
  • For once my PVP guild was going for ever
    TGPWHTA34N wrote: »
    Okay, the event yesterday was REALLY good, I admit, we got 7~ catalysts and it was possible to kill all 15 BAMs really easily. But first of all, if you're gonna nerf the legendary mongos so hard, then you should be announcing it. Also, if you're gonna nerf one thing, then don't nerf the other, that isn't how you balance things. Don't nerf the good amount of catalysts if you're gonna also nerf the ability to kill all 15 mongos because of their high HP pool. Beyond all of this, if you're not going to announce it, it's going to [filtered] people off, I had to ask friends to message me the moment the event was announced so I could wake up and be able to participate, only to go back to bed 15 minutes later because the rewards were absolute trash and ended in 3 minutes.

    If you can't figure out what I'm saying, the mongo event that happened on the night of 2/22/2017 was good, to make a good event build off of that day, the boss we were fighting wasn't stupid to fight like Darkan, it was tanky enough to the point that all of the guilds on MT could coordinate to get all 15 BAMs, and the rewards were great. These three main factors made it great, so pick two of these and make it happen, don't pick 0 of them if you want people to enjoy it.

    I second this notion SO hard. You nerfed many things already.... why do we always have to pay for an imbalance that we didn't personally benefit from? If it's because of an influx of 15 scrolls people like me who wake up early to do dungeons, then stay up until 1am to grind for 6 hours straight to get x35 spellbind and godess blessings (BUT STILL keep going) have to suffer. RNG is never fair but, atleast give everyone a fair chance at this point. Don't just nerf it so we have 0 chance at all.
  • Since my thread got closed, i'll post my opinion here.

    After you made us waiting for a long time (90 mins for the lulz), you guys decided to change a good loot for a worthless crystal box, and also, added a 'poke to kill' boss where a lot of people cant get them cause they die so fast.

    Seems like guys don't want players to bother with the event.

    Sorry if this sounds like rude, but I can't handle frustration tbh.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    make us wait 90 minutes and then crystal boxes guys? seriously? like what a slap in the face, and on top of it is bams that die in 2 seconds. you had a good thing going with the hakans....

    only 90 minutes? i am sure it was 4 hours ;)

    yes 4 hours for crystal boxes :lol:
  • FleettFleett ✭✭✭✭
    Don't understand why they would ninja nerf when the community was so content with the rewards from yesterday. It's like they don't want us to be happy.
  • The reason many people participated in the legendary was for the catalyst boxes, replacing that with crystal boxes made no sense whatsoever. Who thought adding motes to an event was a good idea anyway. Bring Tonka back because this sucks. You made a good event, leave it alone and let it run it's course. Why do you have to keep messing with it every day. No consistency at all. Global became a troll fest because people waited so long for crystal boxes.

    We're getting free stuff, appreciate it and all but please just put the event back to the way it was and leave it alone.
  • Well spacecats loves for each day to be different, and this is the result
  • kerberospandekerberospande ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    The only solution I see is boss hard and
    Event lasts more time for the difficulty and all will arrive.
  • The only solution I see is boss hard and
    Event lasts more time for the difficulty and all will arrive.

  • edited February 2017
    Well spacecats loves for each day to be different, and this is the result

    That's basically the reason. The event was planned in advance so that each day would be a different experience (different times within the range, different legendary mobs, etc.), and they're also changing the loot tables to do things like remove motes. And as a result some of the changes go over very poorly. In any case, hopefully they have time to take the feedback into consideration for future days. But even with feedback, it's not always trivial to turn around and change the next day's programming across all servers on a dime; you basically have to look at what you were already programmed to do and see how you can tweak it quickly. Yesterday's mobs were an experiment in doing something different, but it didn't mean they could instantly change the whole rest of the event. Today it looks like they focused on tweaking the loot, to mixed results.
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