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Rubber banding 29ping

My ping could be 28-35 and I'm still rubber banding on iframes at times. I don't understand what's causing this, but the issue is so annoying. Then at odd times there are 2 second delays between skills.

I noticed this a while back as well, but after spamming SSN 24-36 times a day.. It really starts to show how big of a problem it really is.

I'm from NY and am on a fiber optic connection, this happens at the most random of times.

I had lag spikes on zayo, but never rubber bands.

- Central from CH


  • I didn't say just SSN, it only became annoying when spamming 24+ dungeons a day. Noticing it more because of my frequency, doubt that specific dungeon is causing spikes.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    I noticed the spikes too, Too much Catalysts at stakes, seems normal at time lol
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