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Can we get jackpot for HMs?

This event is a lot of fun, but I was wondering, is it possible to add jackpot rewards with more catalysts for dungeons like LKHM, RMNM, RMHM, BP? I am a bit tired with running SSNM 12 times per alt and mongos hardly drop any catas. It won't break the event, RMNM is at least twice as long as SSNM so even with double reward ppl are still going to run both.


  • Ves1978Ves1978 ✭✭✭✭
    RMHM and BP give some catalysts as a drop, not quite a jackpot, but it's still more than just boxes. and about mongos... i farmed 170 catalysts from them yesterday, so i'd say they drop them nicely.
  • I'll mention this to Noesis. It came up when setting up the initial jackpots but I think we should revisit the idea. Thanks for the post, Xandervb. :)
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