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Warrior crit cap after revamp

What is current +crit cap on warrior after revamp?


  • around +185 crit rate bonus (this is including assault stance) should allow you to get 100% crit chance on scythe in all dungeons other than harrowhold...but im not entirely positive
  • i have around +194 crit factor and scythe seems to crit all the time with the triple crit rate glyph, so around that and pizzaboyz's crit factor is good, just remember to check assualt stance after death or loading screen it LOVES to bug out and turn itself off.
  • +199 (3 crit jewelry and 2 power) and scythe does always crit, blade draw crits fairly enough too.
    A guy in RMN told me that a total cf of 250 is more than enough to make scythe crits, and that's all you need since it's like 60% of your total dps.
  • I have +187 crit and I crit 100% on Scythe when attacking from behind. Scything the side or front of the boss is usually white damage with that low crit factor though. I have +201 power
  • +260 and my [filtered] still white damaging in rmhm
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    Then practice that positioning boy.
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  • Thanks for fast responses!
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