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Paragon -> Valkyrie Wins [Updated]



  • PLease @Enmasse don't name it Paragon.... that sounds like a shape welp.... Nmae it something else or make a poll for the name like ru tera... Valkyrie sounds fkn epic why not make cool names :/ welp...
  • Um...paragon.... um.... no. Who in the heck thought that up. you might as well call it.... fluffypants.
  • It's dumb and not even descriptive.
  • Does EME get any say in the naming of new classes? Considering both En Masse and GameForge have the same naming of classes, I'd guess it's BHS's translation team that decides these things.
  • Other games I've played had "Paragon" be the name of a healer class... I was so excited thinking about a new healer class, but nope! Lunar Dancer :'(
  • Time for EnMasse to buy Tera and fire BHS.
  • ERA2ERA2 Velika ✭✭
    Hellster wrote: »
    My vote is for Valkyrie but I do agree that class names should always be 1 word.

    +2 for Valkyrie
  • It's whatever. Pretty sure this discussion happened when EME named Arcane Engineer to Gunner. In due time people will get used to it.
  • KimimishanKimimishan ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    First reaction when I was told "Paragon" was: "hey wait, it's nice, maybe it's one of the stage of the moon, you know ? like crescent, maybe that one is right after/before being full and thus at its paragon, I don't know something of the sort. That'd be awesome a name then".
    ... Further search indicates that there is no such thing, so I do not understand this name. If someone has an explanation to share, enlighten and educate me, because I'm dry on this.

    We all knew the name was gonna be hard to pick; but calm the hate gee, it's a namo.
    Maxog wrote: »
    I don't care what it's named as long as it does this on Nightmare Atrocitas

    It's like Arcane Engineer chaos all over again.
    When the community rose as one against Gunner, EME publicly admitted they should've consulted before carving it in stone; which then led to Lucid and Tensus names, with a promise or "never more" of such a thing.
    Side note, EU named their Gunners Arcane Engineer (after NA revealed Gunner), wait a few days to see GameForge see their chance at an upset community and flaunt over their official choosing of Lunar Dancer as a name.
  • I like Valkyrie, too. The name it has now is completely unrelated to the class.
  • I don't know wtf Paragon is even supposed to tell us about the class.
    Valkyrie also doesn't work for me. Valkyrie is almost always related to a sword + shield. Lunar Dancer doesn't use a sword or a shield.

    How about Glaivier?... because she uses a glaive, and we already have Gunner as a precedent.
  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    Better than Glaiver.
  • natianatia ✭✭✭
    idk man... this was one of the images that came up after a quick google search of 'paragon'

  • Are they really name the new class as "Paragon"? Da hell is "Paragon"? I've googled the term but i don't get it...

    What's wrong with Lunar Dancer or Glaivier?
  • LessiemLessiem ✭✭✭
    I HATE that name........plain HATE; it has nothing to do with anything. There was a pool of names from here to there but noooo lets choose this plain and boring name which was not even on the list instead.........bg
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