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Server transfer error



  • Lierral wrote: »

    Tried to contact support to fix this issue manually, and support gave me the same answer, to "just wait and its being worked on" after 1 week of waiting. Also asked if they can provide name changers for the work-around on their own bug, and was told that they will not. So basically we are to just wait without any solution until some day this issue is fixed.

    Well, at least your response was faster than theirs and I know what to expect whenever they finally respond to my support ticket. After leaving this game for a few years I had a little hope that they would have improved their support to at least PRETEND that they care about the issues they fail to fix for months on end.

    My only reason for wanting a transfer was so I could have the outfits I'd spent EMP on years ago on my new server, but honestly I can level a character to 65 in 3 days without issue and save myself plenty of money if fixing this problem isn't worth their time.
  • So is it fixed yet ?
  • Podevious wrote: »
    So is it fixed yet ?

    This is just my personal guess, but I suspect it may have something to do with the name reservation campaign going on right now, in an attempt to block people from transferring with names that have been reserved (so, as a blunt instrument, blocking transfers for names in use). If that is the root cause, then my guess is that we'd see the situation resolve itself once the period to use the reserved names ends. Or, maybe BHS will fix the bug and it'll be in the next major build.
  • Feel bad for the hopeful people still waiting for a fix a month later.
  • so is it fixed yet
  • Dongvilia wrote: »
    so is it fixed yet

    People have said that it started working after the reservation campaign ended. Haven't personally tested, but others on the forum reported it.
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