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[POLL CLOSED] Help Name the Next TERA Class!

Votes will no longer be tallied from this poll. It is closed and the results have been recorded.

As was shown in the recent "It’s Time to Reserve Your Paragon Name" article (which you should all check out), the decided name for the upcoming TERA class is... the Paragon!

... or is it?

Shortly after the release of the article, we started getting quite a bit of community feedback on the Paragon name. Several players stated they didn't like the name or that it didn't fit with their expectations of the class. Because of this, we've decided to do something never before done for a new class - A COMMUNITY VOTE!

Make your voice heard and help determine the name of the upcoming TERA class! Which name says "glaive-wielding Castanic badass" to you? Votes will be tallied this Sunday, March 5 at Midnight PST.

To help you in your voting decision, here are a few things we can tell you about the new class and how she will behave. Keep in mind that just like in the overall TERA storyline, there will be some variations between the Korean release of the class and the NA release of the class. Things like item and skill names will not be exactly the same (for one thing, they'll be in English :p ) and may be tailored to the name that is chosen:
  • The class will wield a weapon called a glaive. An agile polearm with a curved blade at the end.
  • All members of this class will be female Castanic.
  • The class is focused on evasion, style, and damage output.
  • The look and feel of some skills use crescent (mirroring the shape of the glaive) and lunar references. They also feature flames, sparks/stars, slashing effects, swirling wind, arcane circle patterns, wave attacks, spinning the glaive overhead, striking the ground (and even fracturing it), charging/rushing attacks, and attacks that leap high into the air.
  • The class is an elite fighting unit previously unknown outside Castanic society.

NOTE: Do not attempt to sway/influence the poll with multiple forum accounts, and don't encourage others to do so. Creating multiple accounts solely for use on the official forums is against the Forum Rules & Guidelines. It also spoils the nature of the poll. We'll be keeping a close eye on this over the duration of the poll, and those who attempt to circumnavigate the system will risk being permanently banned from the game.


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