More classes playable as both genders

I don't know if this bothers anyone else but I feel some classes should have both male and female options to give players a little more choice.

A good example is gunner and brawler two classes I was interested in trying out but sadly for me both classes for whatever reasons are gender locked to female which makes 0 sense to me, I just want to have the option to choose what gender to play as since for me being female locked is bothersome as I prefer to play as my own gender in online games.


  • I think it's because in Korea, the most popular race gets a class for itself- which happens to be female? It's not fair, but since I'm a girl I'm fine playing a girl. But those poor men ; - ;
  • I think it's because in Korea, the most popular race gets a class for itself- which happens to be female? It's not fair, but since I'm a girl I'm fine playing a girl. But those poor men ; - ;

    I'm sadly one of those poor men who like to play as their own gender, don't get me wrong I tried making a gunner which sadly I deleted and replaced with a Popori archer, I don't really like Popori but it was the only none female locked race I had not used yet and I like to try keep things interesting
  • I like to play both genders, but the lack of customization and outfits for the males as well as the gender locked classes makes me lean towards female characters and popori. Why not introduce a hot new male race only that ears and tails? I'd be playing him instead of elins! <3
  • Tbh I doubt they'll do it even though I agree. I'm a girl, but over half my characters are male.

    I'd have no issue forking over money to gender swap one of the classes, but I'm probably one of the rare few that would happily hand over even $100-300 USD just to be able to swap them.

    Sadly it all depends on BHS and not EME.
  • The game became irritating for me and I just quit it because they just wouldn't stop releasing female-only classes.
    Most people use the excuse "animations for each class require money" or the ultimate excuse "[filtered] sells so female characters" but the truth is...the developers are just lazy.
    Look at the game Devilian,another game touched by Tera's team.
    A lot of what I've seen in that game is literally copy-paste from Tera,Diablo 3,World of Warcraft and probably some other games.
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    i think it is archer i see them often even before reaper patch
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    I'm a man, but I make female characters every chance I get.

    But I understand the frustration. Not everyone is capable - or simply don't want to - separate themselves from the character they're playing. I agree that the influx of characters over classes (with the exception of maybe the gunner, and that's a stretch in itself, these aren't classes) is annoying. At the risk of sounding dismissive, there doesn't seem to be much we can do about the current situation outside of flying out to BHS directly and protesting. :(
  • I havn't played in years because every new class is for the loli's or female locked.
    I'm assumeing its because they dont want to modle 2 sets of armor....anyways I've been waiting on something to try but have been put off year after year and this game is dead to me now ^^
  • I just think the game is spoiling it's potential, I've played many online games and Tera seems to have a lot going for it but with male chars not getting anything new I tend to just play other games
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    One day statistics will leak out and probably show that only a small minority play male characters.

    I mean, if I were the CEO of Tera I'd let all the people cry in the forums as they like. Forums has sometimes really nothing to do with the ingame community. All these MMO years I've seen so many weird things in forums. There's the usual player who has lag and claims the servers to be worse. In reality, he's playing wifi and sharing the connection with his whole household (who is apparently streaming and causing lag spikes). I've seen a couple of people doing fake forum accounts and creating a certain "community opinion". One day I should gather 10 people and have them all post over months that the "community" really wants Baraka ballett dancers. Then there are people who blindly jump on any bandwagon. Misinformed people who believe any rumors. Trolls. And so on.

    Next time you log in, do IMS dungeon runs and count the females and males you're running with. I did this for a while and was quite surprised. "But we are forced to play as female when choosing a new class". Fine, count only the old classes. EME and BHS do have the numbers, how many people play and pay. In the end, the money makes the new classes. And this is done by the community, not by BHS or EME's will. Imagine a sudden change in Baraka's costume sales by +200% over Elins. The next class would be Baraka locked.

    Just my personal note: I was quite surprised that the Brawler class is female. We had Rhodos from the main story, who is a brawler, introduced to us. Amani stance, apparently already animated with basic skill movements. Why did they not follow this and finish the male brawler?
  • perhaps instead of making classes like the Brawler and Gunner available for both genders, why not introduce classes that are male-specific in order to balance it out? Some ideas could be making a class for male characters based around a one-sword fighting style, unlike the Slayer (Think katanas and the like for that idea, or a rapier. Name the class Duelist, perhaps?) or possibly a gunslinger for the other class? With the Arcannon being so powerful, I wouldn't be surprised that it would be easy enough to write lore that would basically introduce pistols as smaller arcannons that, if less powerful than the original arcannons, would give this gunslinger class the ability to set traps like the archer.
  • Then they'd have to draw a bunch of new models. They race/gender lock classes so they only have to draw models for a single race/gender. Easier for them.
  • I hope tera will make a Samurai class for all!!!!!!
  • I wonder if EME even has any influence or a way to reach BHS regarding the gender locked classes. Or if players should just be spamming BHS about it lmao.

    It might be popular in Korea, but there seems to be a relatively large male player population that would also prefer to remain aesthetically male if given the chance in the Western community. Even as a female player, I'm surprised with the consecutive number of female locked classes. And I most of the guys in my social circle would gladly pay money to swag out their male characters lmao. I've even had some friends quit because they were frustrated with the seemingly female-characters-only feel. It took away their freedom of creating a character that they wanted to be represented in the game.

    I really don't know if BHS refuses to release the classes to more genders and races because it's difficult or money or what, but I would have assumed that the devs would at least have a "skeleton" coding for each race and class. I can't imagine that it would really take THAT long to copy-paste gender / race classes into new attack animations and tweak some of the fine tunings. And why not just recycle armor aesthetics? Maybe I'm thinking of this too simply, but I don't imagine a long-running company would seriously lack the time or hands to reformat some of the classes to both genders and / or different classes. They could also be working on things like this for an upcoming patch or something. I don't think people would mind waiting for a class to be gender fluid, as long as it's promised.

    And maybe the seemingly large female character population is precisely due to the fact that there are so many female exclusive classes? What if they're reluctant male (or female) players who HAD to make the female character in order to play the class? If that's the case, and people spend money on cosmetics, wouldn't that just inflate the sales of Elin or female Castanic / High Elf aesthetic sales lol?

    TERA is global game now. If BHS keep catering to the Korean aesthetics, I'm pretty sure TERA will die out for good in the Western community. So, again, I wonder how much EME really contributes to the details of the games because people have been complaining about gender locked classes for a while now.

    Anyways. Just my two cents on this whole gender lock thing. If anyone knows how to ACTUALLY get in touch with BHS to complain about the gender lock stuff, lemme know lmao.
  • For me is quite a nonsense that all the classes as gendelocked to female characters.
    I understand race lock, cause is pretty easy to explain why. But gender? Saying pretty clear that male characters can't have a massive ArcCannon nor a Pair of flaming punching-gloves? No sir. I'm not satisfied. I play with every type of character, 'cause I roleplay 'em. My main, is a Priest. He's Aman Male. My Second Main is an Elf Female Lancer. It's not because they don't listen to us, it's just because they onle listen to KR community.
    What about make a pact, only create male characters and don't bother buying costumes? Pretty easy, huh? Oh, wait... THAT IS A SAILOR MOON OUTFIT FOR ELIN ONLY COMING? JZZZZZZZZ ~

    You see?
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