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Launcher Issue : User identification is unavailable at this time



  • same issue here also <(-_//)>. so much for getting on and playing with my brothers lol
  • Hexblade wrote: »
    Zensa wrote: »
    Me too, do they have weekend support?

    Lol! That's what I figured. :(
  • I'm having the exact same issue.

    Is this everyone's individual account being blocked from access? Or is it a server-wide problem?

  • Same here BUT i just started using my 1-day non-tradable Elite Status Voucher!
  • Same problem '-'- pls fix it
  • Same, Can't login...
  • yup same here on both servers im on
  • So I'm assuming this is something entirely on BHS's end, and there is no workaround for us?
  • the day that i come back to play, the server isn't working.. it sucks too cuz this is my finals week omg
  • Same problem here...
  • Just woke up tried logging and no user identification at this time......GG
  • I was buying the Elin lootbox (495 ones). Used to have 9.2k Emp and now approx 4.4k. I better not get affected from this.
  • Login Server Down?

    Hopefully someone fixes it soon.
  • I see it, and am getting people on it.
  • Thank you Wizbang <3
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