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Launcher Issue : User identification is unavailable at this time



  • KahniasKahnias ✭✭
    Zensa wrote: »
    Me too, do they have weekend support? Login servers appear to be buggered up.

    Post it today and it won't get responded to until two Mondays from now :p
  • Wizbang wrote: »
    I see it, and am getting people on it.

    Thank you!
  • Tom215 wrote: »
    Same here BUT i just started using my 1-day non-tradable Elite Status Voucher!

    Me too :( I just wanted to farm all day
  • Same issue for me, and my friend as well. What the heck Tera...
  • today is not april fool
  • Thank you Wizbang! I hope you have fun playing Tera with your wife later :chuffed:
  • Ty Wizbang <3
  • Thanks Wizbang!
  • Guys calm down.. You'll all be sitting on your butt in front of your computer on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon soon enough!
  • got this message too T_T i hope it got fixed soon
  • We only can do one thing to kill the time

  • the thing is I gotta go work soon and I was looking for some fun before that now its all ruined.
  • We are equal, I thought it was the only one, now have to wait to settle it and does not affect this ruling on the item we are farming back like crazy. see you.
  • I don't get it...
  • EylseEylse ✭✭
    rip tera for this morning.
    really hope it gets fixed soon!
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