There will be a loading screen contest for the new class?



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    I hope not, I still have nightmares from the past contest...

    i hope yes to see picasso castanic haunt ginjitsu ;)
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    Really hope they give players an option on what they put on the stupid loading screen if they do this, cause seriously they can pick whatever horrible looking picture they want but I do not want to see the same horrible picture every day for the next 40-60 days until the new class is released.

    I mean why the [filtered] do players not get the choice of what they want to look at for weeks/months at a time? It gets worse when most of the contests the "winners" were picked cause of a stupid reason imo or were just flat out picked cause we friendz with them.

    Considering the amount of drama with the simple vote for the class name this past time, and the amount of drama that always surrounds art contests, I am a bit worried about how this would go. One of the things that EME tries to do -- whether you agree or not -- is to choose winners with a variety of art styles (some of the past winners that were disliked were probably chosen in large part because they were unique, but deemed by the general public to be ugly/tacky). If you're designing art for public voting, I suspect this diversity in approaches will go down, and it will tend towards the same people winning every time.

    Unless you can provide actual evidence, accusing them of picking their "friends" is baseless and unfair. It's just a snide way of delegitimizing the winners with insinuation.

    Well, really it doesn't matter if EME is trying to do anything, let alone make sure they pick the winner based on a variety of art styles, what matters is if people can stand looking at the art for weeks/months at a time. I could care less if the ugliest picture gets chosen cause hey it was the best picture used in Paint this round, but I certainly don't want to look at it every time I feel like playing Tera.
    Well, this implies that there's any objectivity about art. I know some people who can't stand art that "looks anime", but that would be among the most popular if put to a general vote. Those people would just have to bear it, I guess, but that's really no different than the situation now.
    The very least they could do it put a player voted choice on the forums so player at least feels that they had some choice in what we are looking at while playing even if their choice loses.
    Having a "player's choice" wouldn't really solve the first problem you're alluding to, since not all the choices would be player's choices. Nor would it really solve the point I'm alluding to that even the "player's choice" won't be agreeable to everyone (see Valkyrie).
    I don't think that's asking for too much but of course, EME thinks their choices are always perfect and no need for player feedback cause who the [filtered] would ever think to not like something EME picked?
    They featured the art contest winners as a prize for winning the contest. Whether you (or anyone else) like the winners or not has no bearing on the fact that they won.

    I'm not totally against a player vote, but considering you already accused EME of collusion without cause or evidence, I don't think any general voting would have any less of those sorts of accusations and drama, and people would still have to look at some pictures they hate for the next few months anyway. The fact those choices would be "the will of the people" won't necessarily be as comforting as it seems (and would just remind people of the "drama" that would inevitably surround the vote). Right now, you can just direct all your blame on EME; in some ways that's more convenient.
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    I am planning a loading screen contest soon, by the way. I want to make sure the timing is right, but get your tablets ready!

    well at least, it won't be an Elin contest this time. Don't foucking choose screens with Elin in it plox ;)

    I'll accept ONLY artwork featuring Femanis.

    <3<3<3<3 With natural original feet ofc :3

    Popori only for Natural Furry
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    I don't really mind other wallpaper by default but since Stamina system removal, this loading screen makes me feel... Something not in place.

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    You're reading too much into it; it's just supposed to be cute... All the Baraka are portrayed in the game as kind souls, and he's just too shy and nervous to approach the group of Elin. (Elin are usually portrayed as much more aggressive and demanding than their looks suggest, while Baraka are the opposite...) There's not intended to be any sinister meaning behind it...

    (Of course, now that you imply that there is, I won't be able to see it as innocent again... darn it... lol )

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