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[FF] commissions :-)

lmao wats up im bak on dis game again
taking commissions on Fey Forest!!!

✦WISHLIST✦ all negotiable
elin colorful cat club (2 chibis + 2 bust sketches)
airy aurora (4 chibis + 1 bust sketch)
appearance changer (1 bust sketch)
nightfall weapon skin [box or mystic] (1 chibi + 1 bust sketch)
prismatronic weapon skin [box or reaper] (1 chibi + 1 bust sketch)

cans: kemonomimis, simple (semi-detailed should be okay!), mostly humanoid races

cannots: nsfw, facial hair, armor, buff ppl, non-humanoid (anthros), barakas, aman, poporis
the only reason I won't be doing what is listed in the 'cannots' is because i believe i lack the skill to provide the art that is on par with how much you pay!! dont want my commissioners to be unsatisfied with what they get u - u

✦CHIBI✦ 55k gold (these are much bigger than shown)
1. Noctiv (?)
2. Rinniel

✦BUST SKETCH✦ 35k gold (will be a bit cleaner than what is shown)
1. Rinniel
2. open

✦FORM✦ PM this to me on forums

Commission Type:

Reference Pics (please send clear ones):

Character’s Personality (2-3 words):

pls whisper Egg on Fey Forest in game if there are any questions
u can also pm or comment any if u hav
more art here


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