There has been a follow-up statement in the "Cheating and Third Party Tools in TERA - You Won't Believe What Happens Next!" thread in General Discussion. While posting about 3rd party programs is still against the forum rules and we ask that you adhere to that, we hope this helps address some of the questions we've been seeing in the community.

3-17 Twitch Stream: Pour One Out for My Wonderholmies


Today we say goodbye to our dear Wonderholme experimental server. Whether it will ever return to us is a mystery for another time. What's important is that we send it off in style.

Join me today at 3pm PST for the weekly TERA Twitch stream while I try to crash the server. The guardrails are off, and if it's still standing when I'm done with the show, I'll pull the plug live on the air.


  • pour one out for my wonderholmies lmao i cant
  • Best way to send it off is in execution style! Quick and painless!
  • The twitch image scares me...
  • At least I made a lancer named Wonderhole. RIP My beautiful high elf girl, you will be missed dearly. One day I will remake you when I have the energy :heartbreak:
  • @Spacecats do you mind sharing the picture of twitch ? the one without words, i want to use it as wallpaper :awesome:
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    (03/17) Stream Code: "wondercronies"
  • Thanks for the code
  • edited March 20
    Any news about the console release?
  • RIP Wonderholme. You beautiful Berserker
  • Taybat wrote: »
    Any news about the console release?
    We know you have tons of questions for us, but be patient: We’ll be announcing more details about the Playstation® 4 and Xbox One versions of TERA in the coming months.
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