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Lack of tanks.. AGAIN!!



  • Decore wrote: »
    Seems like the new patch did more harm than good for the tank classes especially brawlers who started quitting their classes after the nerf and rerolling to ninja instead. And now what were left with is long ques and lfg's that take up like 30-50 minutes to find a decent brawler. My suggestion would be to just give them that buff back for PvE and dont worry too much about it. There will always be more DPS than Tanks in this game period!!!
    Nerfing them would only discourage players from playing them especially if they become too weak for solo like gunners where they becoming almost unrecognizable to what kind of class they were during the release. Bosses like Imperator would have been much easier for them to tank if they had that 9 meter counter leap to move out of the way fast enough when their only iframe was on cooldown to avoid the second attack that just goes thru block one shotting them.

    Why you're focus on Brawler? We got Lancer too, and warrior. Why not buffing Warr and Lancer for for more tanking power? Bleh

  • Buff Warrior Tank and i'll tank :)
  • SvafnirSvafnir ✭✭✭
    Decore wrote: »
    Warriors tanks will never be relevant again! Never ever!!! Because for every reason to choose a warrior or a zerker to be a tank there are countless of reasons why lancers and brawlers are much more superior at tanking considering that zerker cant even enrage and warrior tanks rely more on moving around during tanking.

    But the problem is that if you continue to nerf brawlers to the point where dps classes are going to do much more damage to the boss, you might aswell reroll back to a lancer because brawlers simply lack any party buffs and then damage to compensate for the clear.

    What? Have you seen a GOOD warrior tank? (probably not, they're ridiculously rare) they barely move if at all, because they know HOW TO TANK in the first place, unlike a lot of people out there (not just brawlers or warriors) that think tanking is just having aggro and they keep moving all over because w/e reason.

    Brawlers DO still need a nerf, or a buff to warrior zerk and lancer tanks to not MATCH the brawler dps but at least to have it be a bit more even, as it is Brawler might not have party support but then again NO OTHER TANK other than lancer does, except for the enraging skill on warrior too, so why buff brawlers? because they're "better"? Wrong, Lancer is still better in utility and raw tanking, it's just not that good for dishing out damage.

    Also, Lancers handle their aggro pretty well, barely need to shout if at all and you can go full dps glyphs, and depending on gear, you might as well just get rid of the threatening niveot.

    And as a last point... the point of a TANK is to do that, T-A-N-K, not to do more damage than, you know... EVERY SINGLE DPS CLASS OUT THERE. If that were the case just get rid of the block and aggro generation and make it a stupid dps already.
  • You guys are seriously [filtered]. The only reason people went to play Brawlers is because they were the top dps in the game... and also happened to be a tank. Everyone loves playing a no-skill class that out performs every other single class in the game by at least double. But guess what, all those scrubs went on to play the new no-skill class which is ninja. Just think whenever you see a ninja, that is a scrub who used to play brawler and because of them switching over it has created a lack of tanks.

    The real problem... Brawlers were so insanely broken at the start it made every other class in the game useless (with the exception of healers which can buff the brawler's dps but only to that extent). The new problem is ninjas are so insanely broken they make even brawlers look balanced. If you keep making unconscionably OP classes like these, then yes its going to create shortages of every single other class that isn't IMBA like this.

    So why don't I tank anymore? Well thats because this game is [filtered] and I quit it... but if I hadn't quit it then I wouldn't be tanking because most of the dps I get in my groups are garbage and underperform, so I'm required to play a dps class in order to ensure the success of the mission. That or I'd have to do the old school thing and Q as a tank on a zerker or warrior then just "not tank" and dps it.
  • Ghost915Ghost915 ✭✭✭
    Lancer master tank. Glad'm seeing less bralwers, they're actually cancer.
  • MidokuPastaMidokuPasta ✭✭✭✭
    I have two active toons right now. The ninja of course and one healer. And somehow no matter what I do I end up acting as a tank on my healer. Seriously..wth..why
  • Question: Is there a lack of tanks?

    Then the game is working as intended.

    Let me provide you with the queue times for dungeon group roles in RIFT (which is very similar to queue times for TERA):

    Tanks = INSTANT
    Healers = INSTANT
    Support (DPS + Healer Mix) = 20-30 minutes (which is respectable for RIFT)
    Damage = 2+ Hours

    It's the same deal in TERA. And besides, people are trying out ninja. Think logically here, folks, instead of hurling insults and derailing the thread.
  • sanj66sanj66 ✭✭✭✭
    Lemme guess, you main a brawler right? Brawlers are still broken and need even more nerfs to their damage output, you fail to see the point in that they still trivialize every single one of the older classes and possibly the newer classes outside of ninja. So then what's the point of having dps classes if you can just roll full brawler party with a healer? The option of buffing the other tanks to make them viable was put forward and is the right solution. The fact that you dismissed it so quickly sells you out on what class you play.
  • Decore wrote: »
    Svafnir wrote: »
    And as a last point... the point of a TANK is to do that, T-A-N-K, not to do more damage than, you know... EVERY SINGLE DPS CLASS OUT THERE. If that were the case just get rid of the block and aggro generation and make it a stupid dps already.

    I dont think there are any universal laws in MMO's where it states that Tanks are suppost to always do less damage than Dps classes. Because Tera has been heading to a different approach when it comes to balancing their Tank's and actually making them feel OP like in a real life example if you happen to be in a Tank or a normal soldier with a machine gun whos like an average DPS class. Yes there will always be more soldiers than tanks but tanks will often deal superior damage with their cannon shells aswell being able to withstand longer in the battle due to their armor which is why they are the main threat in the battle or in dungeon if that was an realistic logic for an mmo.

    And I dont really wanna hear from you on why is it that often one of the biggest, largest classes in the game who wear heavy armor and have either over sized hammers or lances with their shields are required to do less damage than bunch of skimpy DPS classes. Because tanks are tanks their suppost to be OP!!!!!

    If tanks have superior damage as well as greater survivability, then what would be the point of every other dps class? might as well remove all damage classes and have just one..... brawler.
  • Brawlers are strong, no doubt. But honestly, I find them a more interesting tank than Lancer and more action packed than Warrior. If they brought them down to where lancers/warriors were, or a better idea, brought those two tanks up to where brawler is, I wouldn't mind at all. Variety is the spice of life and having a healthy mixture of classes is good. Lancers do things brawlers can't do, and Warriors do things lancer can't do, etc... Honestly, between my brawler and ninja I can't decide, I really like both, but I know my brawler is a more needed class, because tanks will never not be in short supply in mmorpgs.
  • dinnersdinners ✭✭✭
    I think, it will be better once reset scroll works again after Tuesday patch.
  • I played on my Brawler one time since the patch, and one thing was VERY apparent.

    Lack of Movement. The nerf to Counter 2 leap distance was absolutely necessary for PVP, but hurts for PVE.

    I wish the Brawler Dash was made to be more like the Ninja/Reaper Dash. It only goes on CD if you use it twice within a timeframe.
  • edited May 2016
    Imo the ppl who played as a main tank (lancer) just switch on Brawler like me.( not all i know XD)
    The point is that the ppl dont want to tank or they just tried brawler and than pass to other dps because brawler isnt a DPS you need to tank not allways do dmg just sometimes block and take in consideration your party dpses, give them possibility to do more DMG. So the ppl who likes tank they will still tank with a lancer or brawler...
    And this days a lot of ppl cant reset istances Q.Q..
    But u should stop Q.Q of a lot dmg of brawler because more dmg = more agro and dungeons are more faster in PVE . BHS -.-" nerfed brawlers now around 10% but they remove agro bonus on starfall ..... In another Patch they will nerf Growing Fury so this mean less dmg for brawler and some ppl dont like this...
    (SORRY my bad English)
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