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Lack of tanks.. AGAIN!!



  • ProioProio ✭✭
    Tell me you're joking OP. Brawler is still pretty damn powerful and the best tank this game has to offer. If there aren't many tanks it's because they're busy trying the new class and not because of a mere 10% dmg nerf and reduced distance L/R combo. I'm sure when they get bored with it they'll be back to tanking. This isn't anything new by the way, happens with every new class. People want to try it out and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Don't know what to think about the analogy of a tank like those in the military. I always thought the term 'tank' here meant more like a storage tank. As in a big storage of either hit points (damage sponge) or defense.

    Thing is, the tank, healer, dps trinity was broken in tera with two things. First, brawler's dps. Comparing average, not so skilled brawler player with average, not so skilled classic dps like sorc, archer or zerker, brawler contributed a LOT more damage because of own damage output and insane ease of use. I'm sure if sorc were just as easy to use as brawler(and buff the attack power of an attack or two), it's dps would be skyrocketing. But this isn't the case.

    Second, the ability to IMS without a dps, which makes it able to make a full tank+healer party. Being all those tanks brawlers meant the party dps was greater than a classic trinity party.

    Thing is, brawler still makes pretty much every other class besides healers, gunners and ninjas, obsolete for the average player who wants to dish as much damage in the safest way possible. I know the whole ninja thing will die down and numbers will return to normal later, as more people realize that not only will ninja be nerfed later, as it happens to all classes, and ninja only has dps and evasion. No death prevention nor healing, as brawler still does. They are also cloth class so they are essentially glass cannons. And depending on what's nerfed on ninja along the way, more people will quit the class.

    TL:DR, No. I do not agree on re-buffing brawlers. They should have always been a lower dps class than actual dps classes. That or they would have been designed as yet another dps and leave the tank part out.

    To leave the tank, healer, dps trinity behind, Tera would need to make huge changes and create a game where each class could provide it's own dps, tanking and healing abilities.
  • SvafnirSvafnir ✭✭✭
    Decore wrote: »
    I dont think there are any universal laws in MMO's where it states that Tanks are suppost to always do less damage than Dps classes. Because Tera has been heading to a different approach when it comes to balancing their Tank's and actually making them feel OP like in a real life example if you happen to be in a Tank or a normal soldier with a machine gun whos like an average DPS class. Yes there will always be more soldiers than tanks but tanks will often deal superior damage with their cannon shells aswell being able to withstand longer in the battle due to their armor which is why they are the main threat in the battle or in dungeon if that was an realistic logic for an mmo.

    And I dont really wanna hear from you on why is it that often one of the biggest, largest classes in the game who wear heavy armor and have either over sized hammers or lances with their shields are required to do less damage than bunch of skimpy DPS classes. Because tanks are tanks their suppost to be OP!!!!!

    As in a handy book that was written by Nutty McBallzy? No. Then again quite a good deal of things aren't written because they're non-verbal rules (if you think ALL rules NEED to be WRITTEN at some point you're living society in a very wrong way), and although in this particular case there's grey "rules" about certain definitions in online gaming (because any company can do w/e they please if the clients like it) there's something called COMMON sense, although apparently for some people and companies it's everything but common (I mean, BHS has shown it can throw it out the window and then bomb it for funsies... like Gunner, 'cause why not make a RANGED dps with the highest armor available, clearly they gonna need that SO much 'cause you know, they need to be right next to the boss/mob... they SHOULD have been leather at best but I guess there were too many already...) which indicates that the JOB of a specific archetype is set (redundant much?...), as in, Tank mitigates damage and takes aggro -> DPS dish out the damage needed to end a fight faster -> Healer keeps everyone alive through different means; you don't see healers doing ridiculous amounts of damage even though they're supposed to be a supportive class (that's a subdivision of the class rather than the actual role > Pure healer - hybrid - pure support), do you? why the heck not? dealing damage is a way to support the party! buff healers so they can crit 2m+ too because there won't be any better way of supporting your team!!...

    Check internet 'cause it seems you might not do so often enough and look up a Tank definition for an MMO and you'll see they're going to call it a meatshield that has high hp/endurance or mechanics to either completely avoid or mitigate damage AT THE EXPENSE of raw damage, because THAT is a true tank, anything else is to be regarded as either an OFF-TANK or as a DPS/TANK hybrid, and in case you haven't seen it Brawler is categorized as TANK not as hybrid, so yes, it's damage needs to STILL be lowered further to be in line to the ACTUAL class definition, otherwise, as I already said, MAKE IT A DAMN DPS and change the category they belong to because a LOT of people even today still think Brawler BEST TANK because DPS!... Please do continue to kid yourself, it's entertaining to watch... People are just spoiled beyond reason because that's what gaming industry is about.

    High damaging Tanks are an error and in violation of the unwritten rules and that's common knowledge.
  • feazesherofeazeshero ✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    There can be many factors why the lack of tanks. For sure there is nothing wrong with other people trying the ninja class out. I have yet to try myself but later I will for sure when it calms down. For me I wanted to focus on the new dungeons to prepare. And yeah sometimes a tank might need a break once they get bored of tanking for so many runs, sometimes they feel like playing on another class like their healer or a dps class. Some people who play tank, may already be in runs and quite possibly with guild or friends.

    I main a lancer and cant do much when different people start asking for my help at same time when I'm already in a group for something, whether it's for my guildies or friends. Usually I save myself for guildies and friends as priority. Sometimes I get stretched thin at times and other times I may not be doing anything for a long time. It's when I'm already in party for something, is when people ask for me lol. Isn't that weird how that works. Sometimes when I come online, I have had moments where people tell me they been waiting 30 minutes to about an hour for a tank and ask where have I been. Like yesterday, I had finished 2 ssnm runs on my lancer and 2 different people at same time have asked for me to help tank ssnm but there's nothing I can do because the issue with reset scroll bug.

    People would always ask where are the tanks? Also do you ask yourself do they want to tank for your party? I'm sure tanks look at the party by the /inpsect option and see if it's at least a decent team, composition and somewhat skilled if want to finish the run in a respectable amount of time. I know a lot of people on my server so I rarely ever inspect people; I just leave that to whoever is the leader in the party. I'm not too heavy on the +15 requirement as long as the people are skilled. And not all times someone would want to tank a certain run and maybe they are interesting in something different. That could be one factor why the lack of tanks.

    There are plenty of tanks around, just finding them at the right time can be crucial. Why always brawler though? All this talk about brawlers. There are plenty of good lancers around, that's if you can find. For some reason I feel that vibe that some brawlers who are not playing now but playing as ninja, certainly was in love with that dps power on brawler and not the pure tank aspect. I'd always love to ask those people why not try lancer and see if you can clear the same content you do as brawler? I own a brawler myself but I'm much more skilled lancer over that easy class. I'm glad that I play lancer and it feels super awesome when I can clear hard content as a LANCER on a regular basis, not brawler.
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    Go play a tank :3
  • PoofcatPoofcat ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Yes, because there are four tanking classes but clearly the solution is buffing the *still* highest DPS tank to have more DPS again!

    Or yknow, they could buff the DPS of the other three tanks (seeing as tanks are just secondary DPS now and that's what people prioritize when choosing a tanking class to play), and stop doing [filtered] like "buffing" warrior tank with excessive useless aggro generation.

    I'm not interested in playing Brawler or Lancer because I simply don't like their playstyle. I'd love to try tanking on my Warrior or Zerk but i've seen so many people act like those classes are a joke/kick them from parties for making tiny mistakes. it's discouraging and it rules out literally half the available tanks.
  • ZdzisiuZdzisiu ✭✭
    Oh, I was not in game over year and what I see. Same [filtered] as ever. One melee class was able to kill range classes so got nerf, while all range classes still have best kill/death ratio on every BG, ally PvP, GvG etc. And because that was tank, now no other tanks in game (because warrior and lancer are already over nerfed long time ago).

    Just LOL.
  • StarbuzzStarbuzz ✭✭✭
    I agree with the lack of tanks and I do want to pug more but this instance reset bug prevents me from doing so. Wait till tomorrow and you should see some improvements. The punch block nerf is annoying but it was needed for its high mobility. I'll just have to be more aware now :awesome:
  • i read that some person thinks ninja is more broken than lawler. thank you for the laughs. ninja might be the most balanced class release in this game.
  • dinnersdinners ✭✭✭
    Decore wrote: »
    Seems like the new patch did more harm than good for the tank classes especially brawlers who started quitting their classes after the nerf and rerolling to ninja instead. And now what were left with is long ques and lfg's that take up like 30-50 minutes to find a decent brawler. My suggestion would be to just give them that buff back for PvE and dont worry too much about it. There will always be more DPS than Tanks in this game period!!!
    Nerfing them would only discourage players from playing them especially if they become too weak for solo like gunners where they becoming almost unrecognizable to what kind of class they were during the release. Bosses like Imperator would have been much easier for them to tank if they had that 9 meter counter leap to move out of the way fast enough when their only iframe was on cooldown to avoid the second attack that just goes thru block one shotting them.

    I think, you meant buffing Lancer or War tank. Brawler is one of the best dps for solo and dungeon. There is no other class that clear solo IoD Bam faster and easier than Brawler.

    We need to get Ktera's Lancer's buff NOW. But, EME prob wait for another 6 month. I have brawler and lancer. I want to tank more, but, RESET SCROLL not wokring !!
  • MsEraMsEra ✭✭
    RESET SCROLL not working that's why so many brawler just go to others character to run the same dungeon
  • MsEraMsEra ✭✭
    i read that some person thinks ninja is more broken than lawler. thank you for the laughs. ninja might be the most balanced class release in this game.

    yea, ninja dps is good , but it's need high skill to play and good ping , its harder then reaper
  • MsEra wrote: »
    i read that some person thinks ninja is more broken than lawler. thank you for the laughs. ninja might be the most balanced class release in this game.

    yea, ninja dps is good , but it's need high skill to play and good ping , its harder then reaper

    Ninja requires alright ping, but the skill ceiling isn't that high. Mostly requires good reflexes for using their dodge because you can go through a whole fight without being touched maybe once or twice and since it's so easy to stay at a bosses back with Decoy...
  • Tried the ninja, fun class...just not an elin fan, I guess.

    Been working my warriors up, every dungeon (except for an odd healer/brawler/and once a mystic) has been 4 ninjas + my warrior. Ninjas are squishy if they can't evade/break aggro...so I try to time my shouts for when one is getting pummelled to death; though, usually, the critter is down before it gets to that point.

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