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TERA Chat Command Guide

List of Common Chat Commands | by NPCPak
Last Updated: July 9th, 2017

Known Animations
How-to: In chat, type "/" then the emotion.
(Emote: Anger) /angry or /anger or /mad
(Emote: Clap) /applaud or /clap
(Emote: Charge) /attack or /charge
(Emote: Beg) /beg or /sorry
(Emote: Bow) /bow or /greet or /formal
(Emote: Laugh) /laugh or /happy or /lol
(Emote: Love) /love
(Emote: Point) /point or /there
(Emote: Shy) /shy
(Emote: Sit) /sit
(Emote: Stand) /stand
(Emote: Cry) /sob or /weep or /cry
(Emote: Ponder) /think or /ponder or /hmm
(Emote: Taunt) /taunt or /bringit or /comeon
(Emote: Cheer) /victory or /win or /cheer
(Emote: Wave) /wave or /hello or /hi
(Special Emote) Peace | Only for Castanics, High Elves, Humans and Elins (Female Only)
(Special Emote) Kitchen Dance | Only for Elins
(Special Emote) Servant's Bow | Only for Elins
(Special Emote) Settle | Only for Castanics, High Elves, Humans and Elins (Female Only)

Known Commands
How-to: In chat, type "/" then the command.

Unique Commands
/rp Enter text here | A custom action will show in the chat for players around you to see
/roll | Rolls a RNG between 1 to 100 (Can be seen in Tab Options> System Information> Alerts)
/roll Number | Rolls a RNG between 1 and the number you put (Can be seen in Tab Options> System Information> Alerts)

Regular Commands
/reset | Resets instance
/location | You have to click enter for this to work, it will give the exact location of where your character is standing
/bug | Report a Bug
/friendlist or /social | Opens your Friend List

Player Commands
/follow or /f Player | Follows the player that's 10m or less near you
/inspect Player or /look Player | Views player profile (Gear, Costume, Ranks, Reputation)
/select Player | Selects player to view buffs, HP and MP
/duel or /challenge Player | Offers a duel
/uncle or /surrender or /yield | Surrenders duel
/friend or /fr Player | Adds player to your Friend List
/block Player | Blocks player

Party Commands
/join Player | Offers to join/make a party with player
/all Player | Merges your raid with the player's raid
/invite or /inv Player | Invites player to party
/kick Player | Kicks player from party
/drop or /quit | Leave party/raid
/disband | Disband party/raid
/leader Player or /promote Player | Makes player the leader of the party/raid

Guild Commands
/apply Guild-Name | Sends a request to join the guild
/ginvite Player | Invites player to guild
/gquit | Leave guild
/gkick Player | Kicks player from guild (Only authorized players can do this)
/gmaster Player | Makes player guild master
/gdisband | Disbands guild (Only guild master can do this)
/glist | Shows members in guild

LFG Commands
/lfg Name of LFG or /goal Name of LFG | Creates a LFG

Private Channel Commands
/make Channel-Name 4-Digit-Password | Creates private chat channel
/chat Channel-Name 4-Digit-Password | Joins private chat channel
/leave Channel-Name | Leave private chat channel
/ban Channel Number Player or /chatkick Channel Number Player | Removes player from private chat channel
/Channel-Name | Allows you to chat in the already-joined chat channel

Controller Commands
/controller | Opens the Controller Menu

How-to: Command in the in-game chat
With commands that have Player in it: Ex: /inspect Nobukon
With commands that have Enter text here in it: Ex: /rp wishes you good luck
With commands that have Channel-Name 4-Digit-Password in it: Ex: /make BAMHunter 1234
With commands that have just the command and nothing more in it: Ex: /location (Just click enter)


  • NPCPakNPCPak ✭✭✭✭
    Basic Chat Channel Commands
    /s | Communicate 50m-Wide
    /a or /area | Communicate Province-Wide
    /c | Communicate Globally
    /t or /trade | Buy/Sell/Trade Globally
    /m or /megaphone | Alert Globally
    /w Player or /whisper Player | Communicate Privately

    Party Chat Channel Commands
    /p or /party | Communicate in Party
    /i | Communicate in Raid
    /n | Alert Party Members
    /n | Alert Raid Members

    Guild Chat Channel Commands
    /g or /guild | Communicate in Guild
    /q | Advertise a Guild
  • NPCPakNPCPak ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Basic Chat Key Commands
    Ctrl + Left-Click on World Map | Enters a "point of interest" from the map into the Chat
    Ctrl + Left-Click in Inventory | Shows the desired item from your inventory into the Chat
    Ctrl + Left-Click in Quest Log | Reveals specific quest details into the Chat
    Left-Click on Chat Window | Left-Clicking an item from the Chat reveals information about the item (MAX. 5 Windows)
    ENTER, then Arrow Key "UP" | Automatically re-enters the last sent message into the Chat Bar
  • Good stuff. Very helpful for new players. Thank you!
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    noice, good job :star:
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    Nicee, really helpful <3
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