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Skills triggering automatically at any key press after cast interruption

This is an issue I've had for quite a while, and I thought it was just me and my controller glitching. But now I've seen I'm not the only one. Here comes an edited copy of my comment on the General Discussion thread:

Issue description: skill unwanted automatic triggering after specific situations.

Skills that trigger automatically:
Warrior: Auto/basic attack
Ninja: Auto/basic attack, Burning Heart
Berseker: Auto/basic attack
Reaper: Auto/basic attack
Sorcerer: N/A
Slayer: Backhand, Heart Thrust
Gunner: Burst Fire
Archer: Rapid Fire
Lancer: Shield block
Mystic: Corruption Ring (now that you mention, I've had that a few times)
Brawler: Block/counter
Priest: Triple Nemesis

Other skills may also trigger this effect, it is possible (but not proven) that any skill can have this issue.

Best known method of reproduction: skill cast interrupted midway

Temporary fixes: relogging and plain waiting.
The glitch doesn't seem to differ between input methods (keyboard and mouse vs controllers)

Similar glitches: Resurrecting walking on a specific direction/match pop-up locks character into walking towards a specific direction.

So this is what I've seen to happen with me, and what other players have added to the topic, that started as Priest's Triple Nemesis spamming following any key press, after that skill had been interrupted by an I-frame or the likes.
After the glitch starts, whatever you press is gonna trigger it. Even walking can trigger it, and to avoid the triggering action (as in, so it won't trigger RIGHT AFTER the key press, not that it fixes the issue) you have to wait until nothing is happening with your character, and then walk or cast any skill, and then wait again for next. Otherwise this glitch triggers again.

The temporary fix refers to getting rid of it for the time being, until you happen to interrupt a casting with something else.

Link to the thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/12777/triple-nemesis

This will be sent as a bug report ticket as well.

EDIT: Added Slayer skills (thanks @ElinUsagi ), Ninja skill and updated description.


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