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Questions before learning dragon 2.0...

Returning player who mained Archer during MCHM and KN20. Mained Zerk during FoK and WH. Working on leveling Gunner, and it's definitely my style. Trying to pick one dps main between the three, and I have a few questions before I commit with this dragon riding skill.

1) I hear Archers are OP, but I see they're still gearing for Power. Is that because they still have very low crit chance?

2) Zerks used to be pretty easy and straightforward: stack cooldown buffs and spam TS and Cyclone. A recent Zerk rotation post makes it look like their skillcap skyrocketed. Is that the case, and are they unforgiving to play these days?

3) MCHM was brutal as a Zerk. Are there any endgame mechanics that make it especially difficult to play any of these three classes?

4) How do you track your Focus as an Archer? I don't see any secondary resource or UI element...

5) Gunner is currently level 31, and the constant pushback animation on some of her skills is pretty obnoxious. Do they get something to cancel that at later levels?

6) Soloing tough BAMs and kiting on an Archer used to be pretty slow and a bit tricky. Zerk was super easy. Gunners seem downright lulzy at soloing. Is solo-farming on Archer still tedious?

7) Is there a class preview of the Valk somewhere?

Thanks for advice!


  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    1) Why would you gear for Power if you have low crit chance? Doesn't make any sense. That aside, Archers now have extremely high crit chance now, that's why most ppl are going for Power.

    2&3) I'm not experienced with Zerk so my opinion could be wrong, but based on my own experience playing it, it's hard af to master since many of the new dungeons require you to dodge/move a lot. Gunner can move better than Zerk but is rather hard to DPS, since you have to stay still to Burst Fire, and having to move for 1s can cost you a lot of DPS.

    4) There's a buff that displays how many stacks of Focus you have.

    5) Pushbacks cannot be canceled. It can be used to your advantage during mechanics so that you don't have to dodge to get out of certain AOEs.

    6) Solo farming on Archer is easier now cuz of the buffed DPS. Gunner on the other hand has had nerfs and makes fighting hyperactive BAMs a pain in the [filtered].

    7) Search Youtube for Lunar Dancer. There's already many vids out by now.
  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    Buffs are hidden by default, so you'll have to click on the little gear next to the radar to make them visible if you don't see yours.
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    is easy gave damage with berseker, but is pain in the assh doge/inframe with one
    im dont know if "Unbrekable" was add in lv 65 pacht ( Fate of Aurun)
    for the rotacion you see, is because the new pasive in TS, allows if you dont have luck crit in ts, you can stack the chance, and buff next ts, and ts was buffed in pve (same cyclone) and ts have les glyps cost ( this allow you can glyped other skills like hp from tenacity)

    im no sure if you here when "go Berseker" pacht was release, they add "evasive roll" iframe, but share cd with evasive smahs( first only aviable under intimidation ( berseker tank mode) and later add like inframe withuot this mode active )
    next pachets fix this and evasive smash and roll dont sare cd anymore, this allow you can doge a twice

    the only doge with berseker gave you 3 seconds inframe is evasive smash/roll + unbrekable ( helps in Darkan cage/imperator cage, imperator dooble shoot, and sometimes in Broken prision )
  • Berserker is really rough to learn due to current raids/dungeons making you move around and dodge mechanics that usually come at you pretty quickly. so you have to use your Evasive Smash, your only i.frame, wisely. you do have your dash and leap attack to help avoid some damage. its pain when you are 3/4 ticks or 3-4/5 ticks into a skill and you have get of the way or else chance being one shot from mechanics/chain attacks.
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