Valkyrie Guide

Link to Essential Mana here:

If you leave questions and stuff, I'll try to answer them.


  • It just drives my desire to play even higher.
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    *edit* commented on wrong thread.

    I did read this guide though; thanks as always for the info :3
  • TY

    i contribute showing how can be the best option to put the skills in the bar with this video

    i like use 1 2 3 4 first and then later f1f2f3f4f5

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    Hmm are you sure about not using the glyph of swiftness on Slash? I noticed it makes animations faster -> more dps, and you can cancel instantly the first 3 attacks of Slash by spamming A and D really fast, giving a big chance to get the speed buff in 1 second.
  • thanks, you are awesome.
  • For the glyphs section, can you please change the glyph names to what they are in the game? Your naming and descriptions are not clear.
  • I used the same guide a few days ago it's extremely useful.
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