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PowerA Xbox One controller recommended configurations.

OK so I've searched around and probably not long enough, although I have failed to find anything as far as to guide someone that plays a mystic, on a recommended configuration for the skills on the controller.
I'm hoping someone has some input on this as with Tera going to consoles, for both xbox and ps4. There is going to be a need for controller guides per class.

So I am hoping that this thread might instigate some input from people to start putting something together.

Right now my focus would be specifically mystic as I just got this controller, and my mystic is level 65. I would like to know if there is a recommended skill configuration image I can go by or if someone already has a controller playing a mystic and they can make a small guide?


  • xpadder, a free version or the latest brought version lets you configure any button mouse or key board to your controller.
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    Gah. Despite me playing pad since I got the game (back in 2014), mystic is the one class I haven't played yet. So I can't help you, sadly.

    I may can help answer some other questions if you have them tho.
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