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server lag?



  • Wow. What great service. LOL.
  • Still cant enter, amazing
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    NMT6KRF67P wrote: »
    Still cant enter, amazing

    If you can't enter the server (if you're getting that message), it means that you did not patch. Definitely try restarting the launcher completely to get the latest patch. If it still doesn't work, then there could be a patch server problem. I'll try to search for my post with the workaround...

    Edit: Here it is:
  • AetonaAetona ✭✭✭
    Have lag all day yesterday, event barely gets a real extension. Glad I finished one Valk and stopped caring about any titles on the other. Dealing with more lag stopped me from wanting to level.
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    Nootiful wrote: »
    The lag does put new players off. A new player would have started and thought " the servers are probably always this bad I wont play this again".

    How do you expect to attract new players and CUSTOMERS when the service they are getting when they first start is absolute shite.
    this happened on ninja and brawler release. Just realize you need to have a better servers to handle the extra traffic on release week. I mean if its happened at EVERY new class release then surely you would have gotten the picture by now.

    I get what you're saying, and I really do feel they should be more communicative about the issue. But launch day for any MMO expansion or major online game is pretty notoriously rough across the whole industry. Most people with any experience would know that launch day experiences are atypical (periods of excessive high demand) and are not indicative of general performance of the game or servers. Of course there are always new customers/MMO players who may walk away with a bad impression, as also happened with all those other famous MMO launch problems for other games.

    The fact that it's so atypical also makes it very hard to architect for. It's not like you can just "buy more servers" or "add more RAM" or something. Often the problems aren't just about raw performance, but about architectural bottlenecks or software coding problems that you can't just throw resources at to fix.

    Anyway, like I said, above all I think they need to explain more about the problem and steps they are trying to take to address it. The radio silence is damning. But, I also know that this is a problem that even the largest game publishers and developers in the world are unable to properly address, particularly when the underlying architecture is older. The lack of communication makes people think they don't care or aren't doing even what they can.
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    Couldn't even give it like an extra 24 hrs after all that lag? I guess it just sucks to play an MMO and work. I'll be content with the "Battle Maiden" Title, but still would have liked more time just to get the "Grim Amazon" Title too. 17 lvls away and gave in to lag. Lvl 41 with that lag in 5-1/2 hours isnt too bad i guess
  • KillstyleKillstyle ✭✭✭
    Have they mentioned if consoles will have their own servers or share ours? If they share ours then I think they should really work on them now because it will kill console launch if it is like it was for event. If they get their own server then I hope their servers aren't better then the PC version because the PC version, which is what kept Tera alive this long, shouldn't get the short end of the stick.
  • the freaking lag killed my leveling experience completely. not to mention dcing out of dungeons. got to lvl 50 and quit.

    1 hour extension is pathetic. very disappointed with this class launch and event.
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    @Counterpoint I'm sorry but Its hard to agree with your last post I know myself another games that experienced same lags in one expansion but did it like paradise amazing gaming in the next one. First week of starting Legion we didn't have any lags, anywhere. I mean at all. It was so calm and wonderful that forums were full of themes: This is not funny w/o wod lags!

    I do really think that first week shows general performance. Just what we see can be interpreted as:
    Very much lags and latency at start of class=bunch of lags sometimes in during common time.
    We all here know really that Tera lags sometimes without start of new class. Just personally I got used to it.(also I'm veeery patient and you wont get rid of me as a player because of lags)))

    P.s. Btw my example shows that this trouble of lags can be solved in two years completely.
    Also excuses if I said it a bit rough or wrong but eng isnt my native and I'm very friendly creature! ^_^
  • Guys is it normal that i cant even log in? Like holy moly, same as yesterday
  • And today I have disconnects together with lags. It became only worse. Two bams normal third with lags... Again started at the same time. 350+ and higher.
  • EndevaEndeva ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Spacecats @Noesis @Halrath @CobaltDragon

    Anything being done about the lag in Tempest Reach, several party members are experiencing latency issues as well.
  • msoltysplmsoltyspl ✭✭✭
    Console "release" will be funny. Unless they get their [filtered] together, though past few years would suggest they are not plannig to.
  • So this is not better... we still lag in dungeons, even causing wipes ... ( Tempest reach)
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