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Valkyrie and the problem with their titles



  • Why not just make the titles automatically obtainable via achievements for everyone for the first twenty-four hours? That seems like it'd save a lot of time and heartache, considering now this process has to be done manually.

    I'm of the opinion the "first 24hrs!!!" shouldn't be a thing at all considering the awful state the servers tend to be in on class release days. I got to 27 before I was booted from TR and couldn't get back on most of the night. That really sucked, since I wanted the Battle Maiden title and had a half-day scheduled for it...
  • I managed to hit lvl 30 before the 24hour period was up, but i do not have the battle maiden title :-(
  • Hey yesterday i almost puke leveling the valkiyrie me and other heroes hit level 65 in time from bastion loki to marcelarious non stop and struggleling due lagg issues and all valkyrie full parties lol to reach 65 I finished 10 minutes to the end of the estimated time however i only got today a scroll-like thing with Chooser of the slain Title, I don't care if it takes a week or a month I'm just Asking if we are gonna get all the titles that spacecats mentioned during the glaiveathon , sorry if this is posted ive read a bit some say its bugged cobaltdragon said somethign about manually sending and mentioned a few title s level 30 40 etc wich i don't have either I reallyI don't have time to read all posts now and maybe you are sick of reading about titles but i definately would like to have mine if you send them manually i'll leave my info here, i don't know what you planned so apologies if you already explained this , they check? we send tickets or what to do? all info apreciated thanks

    Name Maelparagon
    Server Mount tyrannas
    Level 65 reached in time. I remmeber when i was level 62 i really thought i couldnt make it till 65 cause the event time was over but in Mount tyrannas some admin announced with these exact words, you people have 1 hour and half from now good luck!! via system message
    If you know updated accurate info please tell thanks in advance took me 16 hours or more I really didnt plan to reach 65 I ignored ninja and brawler''first day thing'' i just wanted to ,you know get level 40 or so to learn how valkirie goes but once i was 52 or so i was too close couldnt leave it at that, was all kinda insane next class release i wont log in i will wait some days lol never again
  • Hey

    I have rush the less than 24hoo, and I have NOTHING, no title, nothing at all!
  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you @Gardien @MaelSlayer @Belgabad freaking kidding? Can you not read the posts in this very topic?
  • ok ive read a few and missed the important ones lol i told u had no time afte5r 19 hours of leveling i wasnt in the modd to read every single post just knew the titles werent there , simple.
    page 2 cobalt said we will check each Server after the deadline, and all eligible players will receive the titles, most likely applying the Titles in batches ( meaning not done all at once ). that answers my own question so thanks , sometimes info that u may read are contradictions tahst why i asked myself one says facebook one talks about ktera one starts with the past ninjas lotta threads and posts everyhwre if you have doubts always ask , some idiots will show up giving no answer but useless comments such as didn't you read the whole forum but oh well im done here have a nice day
  • YuxibrYuxibr ✭✭✭
    Oh ok, so we just need to wait for you to send the titles. ^^
    Would be nice and easier for you if those titles were send to parcel like the lvl 65 one we got from that box. '-'
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    Am I the only one that likes the level 30 title better than the higher level ones?
  • GrievuuzGrievuuz ✭✭✭
    Elinu1 wrote: »
    Am I the only one that likes the level 30 title better than the higher level ones?

    "am I the only one"...

  • Titles when. The ninja ones were manually given out pretty quickly after the 24h period iirc.
  • ObsObs ✭✭✭
    Ginjitsu wrote: »
    JasonLucas wrote: »
    Hey, next class release, a system that automatically send titles via parcel post would be nice.

    "Chooser of the Slain" title is given with a scroll you get by parcel after reaching Lv65... Don't know why that system wasn't used for the 24hr titles...

    Because they're just renamed server first titles. The achievements are still in the game.
  • I probably shouldn't complain, it just sucks that some of us have to go to work during these special title events. I was able to reach level 37 before having to go to work. Just a little disappointed, anyway thanks for the new update. Valk is pretty cool :3
  • MinazukiMinazuki ✭✭✭
    As usual... reading is hard for some people cause they only read what they want then reply the post = =
    This not the first event of 24hrs leveling give out a title...
    Maybe open a post pin on top to tell people what going on in case there someone trolling... n someone get trolled...
  • edited April 2017
    my titles were sent ty very much to those admins who had to send them manually i bet that was boring too i hope you all get yours , 24 hours is in my opinion not enough i did it in time cause in my country we have some days off holidays in any case being 13-19 hours leveling something is kinda insane, I would extend it to 3 days so everyone can get a cute orange title and id reserve one rare title for those who wanna take the marathon challenge of the 24 hours, when i finished i was really stressed and wanted to throw up lol not sure if level 60 scrolls worked or not i didnt have any
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    or maybe achievable in a 24 hr period of activity over a three day period
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