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Rate my elin please.



  • ElyannElyann ✭✭✭
    Renomi wrote: »
    Thank you guys for your answers! :)
    How does she look now? Is it better?


    Personally, I don't like her...but I agree with Momoko, it's your character and tastes are relative ;
    if you like her you shouldn't care too much about the others opinion...and maybe someday ( probably even sooner than you think ) someone will get close to you and tell you they find her to be really cute.

    Still, I think she's pretty original and I like the creativity and the efforts you put into her creation. So good job and have fun playing her ! O u O /
  • Personally she would look much better if she did not look angry, but if you like her then go for it!
    Many people do not like my elin but personally I do and I dont care what they think because I like it ;o
  • ChenzoChenzo ✭✭
    Renomi wrote: »
    Thank you guys for your answers! :)
    How does she look now? Is it better?


    I like her. Just maybe i could change her sad mouth.
  • It went from "I need to take a dump" to "I'm gonna take a dump in your shoes later."
  • awww, why are you guys so mean.
    everyone is right, as long as you like, nothing else matters...
    just when you're in public wear a mask... there is a fine assortment on the market.
  • I'm being 99% sarcastic.
  • PinopyPinopy ✭✭✭
    If you like her, then she is automatically 10/10! However if you want my opinion: I think the reason people are finding your elin to not be so pretty is because you are going for a realistic look, when realistic looking elins are usually not attractive anyway. All of the "real" eyes make elins look creepy in my opinion, and very rarely have I seen them pulled off well. Usually people who make elins go for a cutesy/loli kind of look, or something similar. My mystic used to look ugly in the eyes of multiple people but honestly I found her to be cute and didn't see what was so bad about her so in my eyes she was just fine, and that's what matters ^^:
    Old mystic -> https://imgur.com/jodz0uh

    Since you want opinions of others though, I can point out that after I got bored of my old look (I app change more than I should) I got a ton of compliments for my new mystic from friends and random people who would see me afking in highwatch. This is what she looks like and I think the eyes and hair are considered to be better looking in the eyes of general population:
    https://imgur.com/e232VRy & https://imgur.com/mWYNmJT
  • Hello, @Renomi! Your Elin is pretty! Perhaps, not in the sense that many or most Elins tend to fit, but that's probably what makes her so special. ^_^
    As it's been said before, it's much more important that you like her appearance, rather than taking someone else's opinion. ^_^
    Having been in TERA for 4-1/2 years, I've only ever had one design for myself across all ten of my selves. The reason being, with all the time spent questing, leveling, it was an experience -- a journey. Your design should be something you're proud of, because it's yours. That being said, I think you have a lot to be proud of in your latest design (referring to your blue-green-eyed images). ^_^
    No matter what you choose, I hope your TERA experience is an amazing one! Please take good care of yourself, and best of luck out there! ^_^
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