Buddy Up Bank Tabs and Guild Bank Broke

edited April 2017 in TERA PC - Bug Report
The item [Account] Bank Expansion bugged after maintenance. Anyone that expanded their bank with one lost their slots and got the items moved to temp bank. Issue also with guild banks. Lost 2 slots after patch.
Here's before: https://gyazo.com/390d3352ff6764a5a02a4027cef5de90
After: https://gyazo.com/78a359c1cc76f1a014bc9b8ecc7782ae


  • Moving this to bug forums. We'll look into this right away and post updates here as they come in. Thanks guys and sorry about the change.
  • BabbelsimBabbelsim ✭✭✭
    I have the same problem, lost 1 extra bank tab :(
  • i lost 2 bank slots :(
  • Yeah I just lost one bank tab too.
  • I bought 3 bank tab last week, used it. (i didnt get them from buddyup code)
    Now 3 of them went into my temporary bank tab.
  • MinimanaMinimana ✭✭✭
    This needs addressing fast I just lost 2 bank tabs, and now i have 2 bank tabs on this temporary bank, im not touching the items and i really need to use those 2 extra tabs for organizing purpose.
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    happened to me too. I lost 3 account bank tabs. I sent a support ticket, so hopefully I can get them back. I cant understand why this has happened to so many of us. I took my stuff out when I clicked on the temporary bank tab in my bank, little blue button at the bottom. I was afraid if I didn't, I would lose all my stuff in there. then when I clicke back to my bank, the blue button at the bottom was gone. I hope this gets fixed soon, cause I spent a lot of gold for them.
  • I recently bought bank expansions off the broker and now I have lost 3 bank tabs. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  • I just spent like 35k for bank slots 2 days ago and lost all 4 of them to temp slots...Luckily I put less important things in new slots but please fix soon.
  • Lost 3 bank tabs. Slot 6,7, and 8.
  • Same problem for me as well. Lost the tab added by [Account] Bank Expansion item. Fey Forest resident here.
  • Same here... also lost 3 tabs on TR
  • Same here. I lost a tab on AV
  • 3 bank tab from buddy coad rip as well
  • and It's not just lost from buddy up code as stated in the "known issues" thread. I lost three tabs and I used expand wearhouse vouchers.
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