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New Ninja Skills

New classes really cut back on the number of skills each has, leaving them with about half of old classes, now Quality over Quantity sure, but it does kind of suck that in the 65 update most classes got two skills while Reapers only got one and it was the most situation skill of them all. (It's a fine skill for it's situations, but those are rare so it appears useless to most)

Now I don't expect new classes to start getting new skills or buffs in any way, but I do know that this game is not done with expansions, and eventually new skills are going to come, for all classes, and I'd just like to start the discussion now of what skills I hope Ninja gets in a future expansion.

First off, Ninja is a melee class, wearing cloth and as such is very vulnerable, I don't expect this to change massively, but I would love to see a skill that allows you to deflect things, I was thinking maybe the Ninja could spin their shuriken around in front of them blocking and reflecting damage back to the target, draining Chakra by 50-100 per second.

Another thing I've been thinking about on Ninja is stealth, even if it's just a copy and paste of the Reapers stealth, I think this is a skill that Ninjas should have had on release, Smokebomb and Clone Jutsu are great and all, but Smoke Bomb is too limited in radius to be used how a stealth would be and Clone Jutsu is just not functioning as it should if it is to be a useful skill (If you duel someone and transform into someone in the crowd, your name apparently stays red making it easy to find out which is the real one)

EME may not be the developers of this game and so they may not be able to implement whatever suggestions we give, however they can at least convey community opinions so if we could talk about whether we like or dislike these skills and want them for the future as well as express our desire for Clone Jutsu to actually work, maybe this could be a thing and these forums could prove to be actually useful.


  • JBGamingJBGaming ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you suck as A Ninja Purple. Stick to your Zerk.
  • I don't suck at ninja, these are just thoughts I've had since Ninjas were announced I can live without them, but I'd prefer to have them, a ninja without stealth is kind of silly.

    Also I don't play Berserker, it's easily my worse class.
  • JBGamingJBGaming ✭✭✭
    Those particular skills are not needed. This is a hit and run class. If you read the introduction to it. The class is perfect. It already encompasses many of the skills from other classes as it is. YOu just have to know how to rotate them.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    I also find that there's too few ninja skills. Once I get the green cooldown glyph for thousand cuts, I can probably rotate almost all lowest cooldown skills non stop. Currently I have to compensate with normal attack for about one second to drop the cooldown of thousand cuts, and death blossom has way too big a cooldown to add to a constant rotation.

    Now my issue with having few skills is that more skills would make more varied and customized versions of the class. Some people would prefer certain skills and others would prefer a different set. That is, if the skills are balanced. But for now pretty much all ninjas use extremely similar rotations. Right now, 2 of the ninja skills have a power link to only one other skill(only one has a general free-for-all powerlink), making pretty much everyone need this exact same rotation to increase their damage. Doesn't help that it's also the default rotation the system gives you when you gain the skills on level up.

    So yeah, while new skills are not needed at all from a functionality point of view, a little variation between ninja and ninja would be nice.
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