You have no right to complain about Valk

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If for years you abused Warrior in PvP in 1v1 duels to boost your internet ego. For the first time, Valk is giving Warrior an actual run for their money on even grounds. Now that you have a class that can go even with you, and you're losing. Don't cry about it. Thanks.

Especially after you abused Warrior for years to make yourself look like a wannabe "pro." Telling others to "git gud." Now that skills actually matter, most of you Warriors are losing because you never had skills to begin with.



  • What is the point of this thread other than to boost your internet ego?
  • What is the point of this thread other than to boost your internet ego?

    It doesn't boost my internet ego by sending a message on the forum about Warriors who are complaining about Valks because they're losing in a 1v1 duel. It's more of a rant thread.
  • Does warrior really have an issue with a non block class o.O
  • A bad warrior maybe. (or high ping and bad as me xD)
    DG warrior can 1 combo a valky.
  • I agree that backstab ruins a lot of PvP...

    But adding more cancer to the game isn't going to make pvp better.
  • ???????????
    obviously you guys are still a bit noobie to pvp
  • Warriors have been out since the beginning that all the complaints that were made on the class were already expressed. So not much we could have do about it now except just deal with it.

    Since Valkyrie's a new class out. There's a lot to be concerned about. Staying silent wouldn't help at all.
  • "You have no right to complain about Valk"

    Why is it ok to complain about Warrior if Valk is supposedly more cancerous?
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    Valk is far from cancerous. A leather armor user who has no tenacity and 2 rolls. It has to have CC to defend itself... People think it is cancerous now because they haven't figured out how to counter it. Give it a month and the crying will calm down.
  • Tbh it just sounds like OP is salty against warriors and switched to valk to "git gud". Kind of supporting the same cancer they're complaining about lol.
  • Personally I think they just need to nerf the damage. With a warrior backstab combo, unless the player is skilled, It actually takes work to chain skills and stack up edge. Valk literally uses 5 skills and gets you to 0.
  • It's just they added the frustration (backstab) with a shorter cooldown.

    Valks need a bit damage nerf and they good. Make the backstab involve some use of outplay or thinking
  • I wish slayer was a brain dead class like valk so I can be good 2
  • Btw ktera nerfed all backstabs on all classes in a patch. If backstab is used against a player, the cool down is doubled
  • They have ridiculously high damage and they need a nerf.
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