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Investigating Latency Issues

Hi everyone,

Quite a few players have been reporting lag spikes since Valkyrie launch day (April 11). There have been multiple threads about it, and while the TERA team and I have tried responding where possible to ask questions, our Operations team could still use as much information as possible when it comes to identifying the source of latency.

A new e-mail alias has been created specifically for collecting the diagnostic files players are able to generate from the "Tools" menu on your TERA launcher:


This troubleshoot tool creates a file on your desktop that gives information about your computer's connection and network route to the TERA servers, and helps a great deal when comparing from player to player to identify problem areas and causes of lag.

The e-mail address is [email protected]

If you'd like to help us identify and correct lag problems, attach or paste the contents of your diagnostic reports to that address so they can be collected and forwarded to the Operations crew. It will be a lot cleaner and organized than having you guys paste the contents in forum threads. Keep in mind that this e-mail is only for the collection of these diag files and e-mails will not be replied to.

If you have a game issue that you need assistance with, create a Customer Support ticket as normal and they will help you troubleshoot.
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