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In this thread we pay our respects to Elleon and Jelena



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    Legit, if they need a writer for some lore, I got all day and will work for cute dresses and dank memes... and $10 a day for food. I wanted to see so much more with Leander, Elleon, Jelena, Fraya, etc. ;w;
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    Zosmathyn wrote: »
    eleon was killed for killian rite ?

    I believe Elleon is fatally wounded after Killian's death, not killed. He goes back to Habere with Jelena, who says he's barely alive or something like that. We don't really know what happened to him, as he's not mentioned with the Queen storyline.

    For a person to be fatally wounded requires them to die from it. That's what the phrase means, a wound so harmful it leads to fatality. From what I recall he was severely wounded, but not fatally,


    My girl just told me he was referred to as being fatally wounded, and then later referred to by Jalena as hanging by a thread. Since one can't be hanging by a thread when dead it looks like some translation issues crept in to that story.
  • I will always remember Elleon, the non lootbox elleon weapon for Slayer looks exactly like his weapon. I will carry it always.
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    Here's the real question:

    Who is Manahan?????

    I can try to provide some form of an answer. In 2013, I posted this on Tera's old forums because I was very intrigued by the Argon War story and the gap at the end of it.

    "This excerpt is taken from the lore section on Tera's website:
    "The first argon invasion took the world by surprise. Otherworldly and powerful, the motives behind the argon attack remain unclear. Destroying or reshaping everything in their path, they aren't interested in resources, vengeance, or any other tangible motive. Their cold, inexorable advance was stopped only at great cost and by unifying the races of the world.

    Though the world endures other troubles, a wary eye is kept on the argons as they reshape Northern Shara into a nightmarish, alien landscape. Small units of argons have been seen far south of their “borders,” and some within the federation believe the argons are positioning themselves for a final, fatal strike, while the allied races are distracted by internal and external conflicts."

    From this excerpt, the lore about the Argon Invasion is somewhat sudden and ambiguous and the lore section even admits that the motives of the Argons are unclear and what fuels their bloodthirsty quest for domination. Kaia, the goddess of war, admits in one of her cutscenes that the Argons have no soul apparently and are controlled by some puppet.

    We learn through story quests, that Shandra Manaya is the entity controlling the Argons and that her death solidifies an end to the Argon invasion.

    But the purpose of this thread is to analyze the motives of the Argons and why the Argon Invasion has not stopped.

    If you look at this video which portrays the death of Shandra Manaya it may seem like a happy ending but at the end, Shandra Manaya's final words are "For Manahan." While questing on my priest, I took the time to actually read the story quests which include the dialogue and background. While questing, I learned that Manahan was an incredibly powerful and dangerous entity and even challenged both the powers of Arun and Shara combined. As a result, Manahan was sealed away by Arun and Shara and the "Dream" resulted.

    Shandra Manaya's final words indicate some connection to Manahan and during the story quest it is revealed that she wanted Sikander's Flame. Her motives for the powerful object were unknown although I think that Shandra Manaya wanted to resurrect her master, Manahan, and possibly bring about an end to the dream.

    So in conclusion, there may be another Argon threat in the future of Tera. There is a whole region on the map that is undiscovered and who knows what plans await the mighty adventurers of Tera. What I do believe though, is that the Argon invasion did not end with Shandra Manaya's death as many had assumed but there may be an even greater threat on the horizon and his name is Manahan."

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    I always thought the Highwatch MSQ was a temporary story before the real Queen of the Argon was introduce because you can tell the Argon queen was taking commands from someone higher than she was

    Edit: Just saw Lifegiver00 post, pretty much that
  • My favorite Ellion moment is when you deliver the fake spear to him, and he goes off on this villain rant about how he has been using you the whole time, before kind of losing it and chuckling, going 'sorry, always wanted to do that.'
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    > @Uratoh said:
    > My favorite Ellion moment is when you deliver the fake spear to him, and he goes off on this villain rant about how he has been using you the whole time, before kind of losing it and chuckling, going 'sorry, always wanted to do that.'

    That one is pretty funny! Let's face it, Elleon might be a fan of dad jokes.
  • Elleon and Jelena are some of the best characters. Closure would indeed be nice. Does anyone know why they removed so much content in the first place?

    And I mean. Elleon's got some of the best quotes... like about meeting him later with two shovels and a bucket of paint remover. xD

    I just freaking love the lore of this game. To have the holes all filled in would be truly amazing. Unlikely, but amazing nevertheless.
  • What ever happened to that Castanic female that helped you in the argon tower?
  • One of the things that frustrates me the most about this game are the plot holes. *grabby hands* I want to know what happens! Though, I have to say, the argon threat and the ambiguity surrounding it does give it more of a...."realistic" feel? How often do you really know the true motivation of the enemy? You stop them, often by killing them but more often than not, you never know or understand WHY they did things (meaning, in real life, finding out the reasons for something, why someone killed someone, started a war, stole something etc - these are not things that are often discovered in real life especially not if the "enemy" is dead). Finding out would be awesome, however. And I would love to see Elleon back. I never got to play the original IoD just hear about it from the person who got me into the game. I did play on the second version of it (after, from what I'm reading, Elleon's brother and other things were removed) and I was sad to come back one day and find it gone. I don't mind, games change and grow but if they need a lore writer, I volunteer *waves hands about* I volunteer!
    So many memorable moments with Elleon and the first time I leveled a character to max, I hung on every word only to get frustrated with plot holes. Some of those were cleared up by reading this thread, however, so thanks to everyone! Most were not, though, just the ones that are now missing from the game and were actually there once upon a time.
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    I did play on the second version of it (after, from what I'm reading, Elleon's brother and other things were removed)

    TBH the originally IoD storyline was a bit messy and really have nothing to do with the main storyline once your get to Velika. I think the new starting area is a bit slower but the story connects more and showed a glimpse the main threat right off the bat

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    Does anyone notice that in CU area, u can meet with Zolyn and Paesyn at the dock? They are waiting for Elleon, apparently. Does CU happens before the expedition to the Northen Arun?

    And whats the deal with Princess Syona? She mentioned about a fountain drying up. Is it her fountain dried up, she needs to get moist back? What the heck? I didnt hear ain't nothing about special fountain back in Pora Elinu. I know about Lake of Tears, but no fountain. Which fountain is she referring to?

    So many questions..
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    Yeah, so much waiting for chapter 2 in the time travel series...
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    Honestly, someone in the writers team needs to work another ebook.
    We get some good Lore here and there, and it sucks some of it is restricted.

    Completely ditching two VERY important characters in the game is terrible. We all deserve answers.
  • > @Zosmathyn said:
    > Here's the real question:
    > Who is Manahan?????

    Im sorry if i resurrect an old threat but manahan was the first son of arun and shara, he was so curious that she tried to find out what was outside the dimension and almost destroyed arborea, arun and shara sealed him to stop it, he was just a innocent "child" but he created a "thing" aka manaya with the azure stone that gods used to make life, beflre he got sealed with it. Also baldera was the garden or Balder in Arun, bastion is his garden in Shara, the lore says that Arcdevas invaded baldera before the storm barrier was placed. All castanics refugees in the world escaped to kanstria and also castanica, they made a barrier around the city too with a mineral called durignite. My source is the lore and some old threats in very old forums.
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