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Can we get some sort of statement on when HH will be removed?



  • JenieveJenieve ✭✭✭
    Minilee wrote: »
    Dhrizzit striking again with the wall of text and still not answering the simple question lol.
    And VM8.5 is really not necessary ... i dont know why it's a big deal

    But yes... next content patch it should be removed. ( 2 weeks approx ? )

    People want stuff for free without having to put in any effort. Complaining about not getting the best gear without doing the best content is fallacy.
  • LYC14LYC14 ✭✭✭
    Bozanimal wrote: »
    Alright, dumb question, but why would EME remove a dungeon or raid? Wouldn't you want to *add* content to the game, not remove it? I only just geared for Lilith's Keep, so forgive my noobiness!


    Because of a phenomenon called "Paradox of Choice", where too many options leads to indecision and stress in players. Think about it, when there are too many dungeons to choose from, given the current population of Tera at any time, the players will split up to choose different dungeons to play, hence there may be too few players playing each dungeon at any time. Moreover, with too many dungeons, players may feel stressed out to remember each mechanic of each boss in each dungeon and may not know what dungeon to play at what time, leading to stress. Thus, having adequate (not too many, not too few) dungeons is the best solution here.
  • But that's just like, your opinion man. Personally one of my favorite things from when I played WoW was being able to go back to almost any dungeon I wanted and play it by myself, exploring every corner of their detailed and well crafted world, getting low level gear that was good for transmogging (like how we have costumes, WoW system is different) was an added bonus as I could sell some of it for good gold. So having less dungeons to choose from isn't necessarily the ideal solution, that's literally only your opinion on the subject.
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