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When does that new maid costume come out?

Just got paid and need to know if i'm gonna buy food or EMP ^___^


  • 9/10 you're gonna get banned so buy yourself a good meal
  • Maybe tmr after maint
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Monoxian wrote: »
    9/10 you're gonna get banned so buy yourself a good meal

    you guys are making such a fuzz like they were swinging the bannerino hammer around like a zerk with Cyclone

    Only hackers will get axed, really. I can imagine some DPS meter guys that are trash to others for their low DPS but they deserve anyway.

    People who only used it for their own improvement or giving out tips/training players to maximize their DPS I can't see why Enmasse would bother with. Same with some appearance mods.

    I don't use any of them, too much hassle for no real gains. But I can imagine it being more of a scaring post, with some big chunk of truth behind it.
    Hacks and blatant exploits will not be tolerated, stuff that does no harm I would bet they won't bother.
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