Patch Notes: May 23, 2016



  • KertainKertain ✭✭✭
    About the guys QQing about the weapon skin from ninja event being now on the cupouns store, I just want to remember same thing happened with gunner armor skin that WAS only for event when gunner came out and now is at the store, and for brawler black metal fist skin which ALSO WAS only during event and as soon as the event ended they placed the skin on the store, so if you want to talk about unfairness or pointlessness start looking behind please.
  • @Treeshark Tera Rewards point ? where are those script ????
  • Varita wrote: »
    So, we don't get all the reward points that we missed for a week?

    We're working on a way to give people the points they missed out on.

    Alliance Territories PVP OFF all through the day everyday


    Alliance Ladders NO RESET
  • hey guys, i cant connect in the game becouse a message say to ''download the most recent patch version'', but the TERA lauch is ready to play, i try to repair many times and reinstalled the game, but the lauch do not download the patch...

    someone could help ?
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    Nepnep96 wrote: »
    ^How can you put the Butterfly Shuriken in when saying before that this is for those only reaching 65 in 24 hours?? That would mean you lied to us. Take it out off the coupon store and fix preview and alliance - alliance did not reset this week, on AV atleast

    FWIW, the thing that's exclusive is the costume, not the weapon skin. But also, as an aside, it never said anywhere that it was exclusive in the first place, just that you'd get it for free if you reached level 65 during the event period (until June 6).
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    I went to the fashion coupon store expecting to see something like we got with the brawler and the gunner--a few token outfits at best. So many! So MANY! I know I can't preview them yet, but I seem to remember that this happened with other additions to the store, so I know it will be fixed.

    Thank you for listening to us and giving us real choices. And while I hope that gunner and brawler will also get options to buy their leveling armor and weapons someday, this was so much more than I had expected. I'm a little overenthusiastic, perhaps, but it seemed no one is saying thank you.

    Also, I can't believe you are actually trying to find a way to give us the lost Reward Points. You have to be digging deep into obscure databases for that. I thought those were gone for sure. I mean, you've made no promises (wise) but you're trying, which is amazing.


    I'm getting the same problem right now...
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