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Community Response, the Importance of Proper Community Management



  • This thread is indicative of a lot of closed threads today. The discussion has ultimately become a thinly veiled conversation about 3rd party programs and hackers that have been banned for developing them. Unfortunately anyone who sees these 3rd party program developers as heroes to the community have been replying with memes and personal attacks against anyone who they disagree with. I've deleted multiple personal attacks from the discussion. Because the thread has turned into a salt war, spawning a lot of speculation and demands for a laundry list of other topics, I'm closing it and will continue to disallow conversations about 3rd party programs.

    Hopefully some of my replies gave you an idea of where the TERA team is coming from on this issue and how we plan to deal with it. Many players still believe using illicit 3rd party programs is the only way to continue playing TERA. I ask that you please stop creating threads about it if you want to continue participating in forum discussions about the game.
This discussion has been closed.