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What would be some good rewards for upcoming events?

Just asking because the game is awash with stuff like titan embers and alkahest and the head/back slot items from the previous events are a dime a dozen. Embers are down to 13g ea on MT and thanks to all the Goldfinger tokens there is enough inner armor for like a year of new players. So I thought it might be worth coming up with a list of ideas of stuff that could be given out that wouldn't be a disappointment. This is what I could come up with:

Not this:
  • Titan Ember/Fire
  • Any Alkahest
  • Feedstock
  • Any Master/Blessed Enigmatic Scrolls
  • Goldfingers
  • Most Head/Back/Face Items

Maybe some of these:
  • Goddess' Tears
  • Goddess Blessings
  • Semi Enigmatic scrolls
  • Spellbind or Spellbind XI
  • Dragon Scales
  • Circlet Fragments
  • Lady Hankerchiefs
  • Spacecats supertokens!
  • Valient/Rejuvenation/Health Potions?
  • Lamb bulgogis
  • Noctenium boxes
  • Flying piggy/llama/lion/horsey mounts
  • Fiery Feathers/Pink Pinnons/Golden Gliders
  • Kitty-cat whiskers
  • Pet caddy
  • Inventory Expansion
  • Body costumes (i know with a few exceptions they mostly arent given away cause EME needs to make moneys.. and fair enough)
  • *winks* behemoth upgrade kits (but I guess only once the pro players are happily geared in the new VM so as to not undermine their achievement in HH)

Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?

I just thought this sort of list would be a good idea since they are doing anniversary events and googly eyes/bucket hats etc would kinda be crap.


  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    HippyK wrote: »
    • Most Head/Back/Face Items
    Any in particular that you would be fine with seeing?
  • LYC14LYC14 ✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    Definitely more spellbinds and semi-egnimatic scrolls please!

    Edit: And smart dyads too! They're so rare...
  • HippyKHippyK ✭✭
    Well all I could think of was the translucent wings (fiery feathers etc) and kitty-cat whiskers.. but I'm sure others have a better idea of what would still make a good reward.

    I mean I think everyone enjoyed the last kyra event.. its just that everything there has been given away and I'm sure most would agree those things just aren't much fun to get any more since you could just waddle over to the broker and pick it up anyways for three quarters of a peanut.

    Oh also I think everyone still likes smart dyads.
  • XandervbXandervb ✭✭✭
    There's no such thing as 'too much inners'! Last mongos gave every participant hundreds of them and the price of +16 crit got back to 100k in a few weeks. Now is lower again because of double GG drop but I guess it won't last long. I'm more than fine with GF because this little bit of RNG is more exciting that just looking at your feedstock count increasing.

    The demand for alkahests will be huge soon enough - new mid gear and +15 scrolls won't work anymore on new VM. I don't say that enchanting mats should be the only rewards, but adding them can greately ease the 'new gear hits the market' pain.

    I'm not a big fan of cosmetic events, chance to get one particular cosmetic that you want from the pool is very low, and the ones you get you often can't sell because the price drops a lot. You put them in wardrobe to sell a few months later and all excitement is gone when you cash in the event rewards months later (if anyone buys ofc).

    But this is just my personal opinion, I don't deny that your requests are reasonable for a part of playerbase.
  • LessiemLessiem ✭✭✭
    I want dyads if this is a request list.........PVE dyads please.
  • SemetalSemetal ✭✭
    HippyK wrote: »

    Maybe some of these:
    • Lady Hankerchiefs
    "You get VM and you get VM and you get VM..." No thanks.
  • MirakaelMirakael ✭✭✭
    Mask! Mask! Mask! Similar to Alliance Mask plsss haha
  • toufutoufu ✭✭✭
    This would be what i am hoping to see from the event.
    Goldfinger tokens, Smart Dyad, Uncommon Noctenium Refiner, Noctenium Infusions,Lamb bulgogi, HP/MP potion (Sarberry Deliciousness/Health Potion/Rejuvenation), Unity Stole, Swimwears,Head size changer, New dragon mount with or without the passive buff but with a low chance to obtain.
  • Yamazuki wrote: »
    HippyK wrote: »
    • Most Head/Back/Face Items
    Any in particular that you would be fine with seeing?

    Make it a rotating sale, each 2-3 days another theme on slight discount, with weekend specials of vaulted/discontinued items.
  • let the game run by itself or make the company improve on the game so that it can run by itself

    keep asking for rewards and events and you'll do more harm than good, like how tera is now.
  • NPCPakNPCPak ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    Well, I'm definitely not interested in:
    • Spellbind or Spellbind XI
    • Lady Handkerchiefs
    • Valiant/Rejuvenation/Health Potions

    I wouldn't want to have the anniversary celebration be about enchantment items and VM materials... I would want rare items that TERA used to have over the years... Items like:

    • (Horse Mounts) Arcadian Dapple, Velikan Grey, Blue Roan, Chestnut Gelding, Electrum Wind, Pinto, White Stallion
    • (Rare Horse Mounts) Razormane, Battle Charger
    • (Duck Mounts) Quackerjack, Quacklemore
    • (Pig Mounts) Boss, Harley, Harry Porker, Petunia, Waddles, Roddie
    • (Accessories) Ghost Helm, Dwarf Orcan Mask, Ghilliedhu Mask, [Racial] Paper Masks
    • (Rare Consumables) Anthrozombie Elixir, Gynozombie Elixir, Melsa's Charity Lunchbox

    The rest of your items are great too, hopefully this year will be a great 5th year anniversary event. I hope that Pond Faire and Rootstock will come back this year too... and the Festival of the Sun, Beach Party, Banquet of Blood, Eldritch Academy's Festival Hall, Wintera.... *cough*
  • MuggslyMuggsly ✭✭✭
    I would definitely take out handkerchiefs due to the VM9 patch being around the corner and they will be dropping from the new dungeons rather easily. I would always prefer hard to get items over just more of easier to get items.
  • McOnosRepMcOnosRep ✭✭✭
    Smart dyads please they are such a pain to get.

    Also please make any alka and stuff account-bound to stop alt armies please.

  • HippyKHippyK ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    I thought of a few more:
    • ancient wish
    • dance bombs/those summer tanks (although not too many cause they can get annoying)
    • disco [filtered]
    • strongbox keys?
    • dragon fireworks

    edit: im going to leave it as "filtered" above cause i find it hilarious we can't type "[filtered]"
  • I love this little thread because we actually do try to plan events and awards based on perceived needs and desires. Thanks for putting it up there.
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