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Screenshots of Fashion Coupon Ninja Items

Since the preview feature is broken for now, I just thought I'd put together a quick set of screenshots for all the different fashions. These are just quick pictures for now -- I'll clean it up and make collages in a little bit. Edit: Updated with collages for everything now. (Apologies for CCB being on...)

Edit 2: Fixed a few label errors on the collages - sorry!














(Edit: Apparently weapon skin previews are working so I'll leave those out for now. Thanks!)


  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Thanks. I assume these are from another region? Or do you have enough points to buy them all?

    Oh, and don't worry about weapon skins. Preview works fine on them.
  • This is awesome! -- Thank you for posting XD
  • XaeraXaera ✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Oh, handy~ Much appreciated.

    Some say (the ninja versions of pre-existing cloth) they are dyeable despite coming in different colors already. Are they indeed dyeable?
  • CallaCalla ✭✭✭
    Thank you so much, this is really great.
  • GumsGums ✭✭
    They are not dyeable, at least any of the ones I have from the store.
  • XaeraXaera ✭✭✭
    Which ones?
  • RhodriiRhodrii ✭✭
    Wow thank you for doing this! The ones i'll definitely be getting is Bolero Party Dress and Lotus.
  • Thanks a lot for this. :3
  • Thank you!! This is great.
  • Thanks. There are some beautiful costumes here. xD.
  • BHTrellisBHTrellis ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Guardian Uniform is the same as the Riding Robes, not that I'm complaining. That's a look I wanted. Shame the coupons STILL don't seem to be working on preview for me yet.
  • An81angelAn81angel
    edited May 2016
    Are we not getting all the costumes?
    This picture shows way more color options than what is available in the FC store.
    I really wanted the gold, green and silver Ninja Gothic as I made my characters appearance to match those outfits.
    I am very disappointed now.
  • LatzaLatza ✭✭
    Just so you know so no one else makes the same mistake...

    You have two outfits labeled as the dragon outfit.. And I just spent 500 fc on the wrong thing :/
  • edited May 2016
    Latza wrote: »
    Just so you know so no one else makes the same mistake...

    You have two outfits labeled as the dragon outfit.. And I just spent 500 fc on the wrong thing :/

    Ah crap -- I'm sorry! I had it right before, but copy/paste failure in putting the labels on the collage. I'm fixing it now!

    Edit: Fixed! Sorry again...
  • LatzaLatza ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Comment removed.
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