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TERA 5th Anniversary Celebration!



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    I don't really like coming in here to be negative, but this was very disappointing for an anniversary event. I've been playing Tera for 5 years, but tokens only dropping from level 65 dungeons...? That was a very bad idea, as you exclude the casuals that don't even have a level 65 yet. The black wings were very nice, but there was really no incentive to do anything. You could have had a month long BAM event...collected the words T E R A for prizes...anything. I still like this game and will still play, but this wasn't what I hoped for. :(

    Yeah, that's what I thought too.. Like an event where every one can participate. Right now, it's only for end game players and mostly who loves to grind dg a lot. Sadly for me, I have work to do every weekdays, so far I only got 250+ tokens and the Anniversary event is almost over. And I don't know if I feel the "Anniversary" event. Because for me, it's just another day of grinding dg with rewards, just like Power Hours on battleground. To be honest, if only they'll give some memorable moments for us :( It's my first year celebrating the game after all.

    But anyway, lets wait and see if there are surprises ;D

    Your lucky I have 90 tokens...I just do not have the time to run dungeons...oh well, next year I guess. :)
  • EME you should be ashamed of yourselves for calling this a 5th year Anniversary celebration. I was'nt here for the first Aniversary, but i've been here for the last 4, so for you to half-[filtered] everything this way really. You were out done by EU/Gameforge, this was the worst effort that I have every seen from you just so sad.
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    Heh, grinding since mid-month (took a break because of how underwhelming the event was) and still barely have 400 tokens. Now, Shop changes and nothing interesting. Guess I'll get the elin car (which isn't even a account mount or at least flying) and leave. Thanks for the grindfest Enmasse, really thanks a lot.
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    Still no news about the Quizz or the BAM thingy?
  • I'm sorry if this was written somewhere else already but I checked every comment on this thread and didn't find it. Does someone know when the event will end? I wanna know if I still have another week to grind for tokens, saving the ones I have, and see what new prizes there are in store next tuesday or... if I have to spend my 150something tokens on... anything right now before the week ends and all my effort goes to the trash :(
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    Honestly, this celebration doesn't feel like much of a celebration to me. I certainly don't feel as if this event was made for me as a returning player. I recently returned to TERA after being away for about two years. I dropped in now and then but school took precedent over gaming, it was unavoidable. I love this game, always have, have always been a supporter of it. I love being back. I am enjoying the game all anew again. I had a couple level 65's, but a lot had changed since I played so I am pretty much learning the game all over again, so on my return I made and leveled a new character to play.

    Out of this event I was able to enjoy one week of it; last week. Abscess was a quick and easy, almost everyone new to 65 could run. The IM queue popped quickly and often. There weren't too many mechanics to worry about and you could really farm a lot of token's. The Anni store was full of so many neat things, but nothing I was able to get within the very limited time frame. I was actually able to get a half decent number of token's; though in reflection, 20 came from the calendar, and another 50(?) came from a stream code a friend informed me of. So, maybe I didn't farm that many at all considering that 70 of the 120 that I had.

    I'm a pretty casual players, a few hours each day. I can't run the higher end game stuff. I don't have gear, nor experience, and I've not yet really found a guild with enough active players to help me learn the new stuff. Using IM for it, unlikely an option especially since I know I will likely just be kicked. This makes the new highlight dungeon; Velik's Hold, a little more difficult for me. IM takes a while to queue, and if I use LFG of course I need to be +12 or +15, or willing to pass on rolls for just about everything or... right. The instance is also longer, some people try as they may struggle through it. I'm one of those, but I am gradually learning and hopefully getting better. That said, the token amount is really, very low. It might have been for Abscess too and maybe I just didn't notice, because in that one I had a lot of fun. And clearly out of the week I only earned like 50 token's in there anyway. Still, even if I could manage to run it my max # times per day, every day... there's no way I am earning enough tokens for anything I'd like to get out of the shop, this also applies to last week. I ran Abscess as much as I could, but was never able to get what I would have liked. This week is defiantly going to be the same. There is no way I will accumulate enough token's for buy anything in the store, not that this week there is anything I am interested in. I also want to mention that this week's shop is an incredible let down. It's anorexic compared to last week, or the first week's shop, which I don't understand. This would be the week people are just able to start affording things in the shop and yet it seems incredibly disappointing.

    And, yes, I know there are other dungeons (primarily Dreadnaught, or Demokron NM, for me anyway) that I could run that also drop tokens.. but with the low amount dropped it just seems pointless really. Even if I managed two runs of each, that's a whole 8 tokens. I'll manage about 40-48 tokens during my play time this week. Granted, that's better than the only 4, maybe 8 if I can get a run or two of VH in.

    At this point I suppose I've resigned myself to a "I'm not important enough of a player for this event" sort of mind; this was an event really made for people who have really stuck by the game and have the gear and skill and the connections to really run and get through the content the event is limited to. Part of me get's that. I do. You want to reward those player's in particular, and I do agree with doing that. On the other hand I feel like all other players are kind of just an after thought of 'eh, you'll get something too, sure, whatever'. As a returning player, I feel like.. I don't matter as a player. And, you'd think you want the players returning to feel like they matter. You want them to feel invited back into the game, included. You want this especially for new players. The worse feeling is telling a couple friends I convinced to play the game with me that they can't earn the Anniversary token's because they aren't 65 yet, and even if they were to get 65 this week, we got them into a guile set... there's no earning them enough token's worth anything.

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    I'm sorry if this was written somewhere else already but I checked every comment on this thread and didn't find it. Does someone know when the event will end? I wanna know if I still have another week to grind for tokens, saving the ones I have, and see what new prizes there are in store next tuesday or... if I have to spend my 150something tokens on... anything right now before the week ends and all my effort goes to the trash :(

    The news page says 5 week celebration, so I'm assuming it stops after the mait on June 6th
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    We're running out of event, and still no announcement of quiz or events to earn tokens.

    We're on the last weekend, (as this is the last one we get wings) so I assume it ends at the Friday Twitch stream a week from tomorrow. The armors go away on the 30th I believe. Not sure when the tokens expire.

    Spacecats, I believe in you. What there has been of the event has been great, but it seems like a lot of things failed to materialize. When you wrote in the first announcement to keep an eye out for more, I honestly expected more that first weekend. Then the first week. And so on.

    I suspect things had to be cancelled due to the instability. After all, look what happened with the one overworld event that did happen.

    (But the original announcement--I could swear it said "quizzes" as in plural. And still no idea when anything might happen.)

    Too late now to rearrange obligations this weekend. I hope there is an event (and that I can participate). But PLEASE give us as much warning as you can. Many things are trivial to rearrange or reschedule with a week warning but become impossible with less than 2 days.

    And by the way last weeks Scavenger Hunt broadcast was the most fun I've had watching the stream. (Always on re-run, but I try to at least check it every week).
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    So... Where's this EMP sale of the quote "most popular items of the last 5 years". All I see are the most *cough* RECENT items with tiny discounts. Are you guys working off an imaginary statistics list for most purchased items, or just randomly picking some by throwing darts at a wall? :L

    Where's the Frostsilk Dress, the 2012, 2013, and 2014 swimwear, Black Magic, all the Maid Uniforms, Pirate Costume, etc.? All of these things should be at the top of the list of "most popular items", and all are rarely in the store for very long, so this woulda been a perfect opportunity to for people who want these things to get ahold of them.

    I've never understood your bizzare-[filtered] strategy of having a zillion pieces of content, and cycling only like 5% of it in at a time (i.e. costumes and dungeons). If your business strategy was to increase desire by limiting stock to try to have higher flood sales when the items were put back, let me be the first to tell you that:

    1) That is only profitable if your have a MASSIVE playerbase (i.e. like WoW level).
    2) That only works if the period of time the item is made unavailable is not 90% or more for any given year.

    So what, you don't like money or something?
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    To be fair, the wolves are on sole XD And an older skin

    And also those 3 really cute dresses, the ones with the butterfly in the center (Their names fail me)
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    Tenshi1 wrote: »
    To be fair, the wolves are on sole XD And an older skin

    And also those 3 really cute dresses, the ones with the butterfly in the center (Their names fail me)
    Yeah but while those are *kinda* popular, they are by no means the "most popular", and some of them were already avaliable in the store before this sale started too iirc. I'm not really even sure which things were "brought back", but it can't be many.

    Either that or they're stuff I consider so "blah" that I didn't even notice they were removed or put back. n.nU
  • Looks like most of the 'savings' are coming from RNG boxes.... Over 30+ items in the store on 'sale'. Other parts are kinda like 10ish items.
    Its like turning up to a casino for a sale, rather than an actual shop......
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